Fresh Grade

What a great start to the school year it has been!  We are already learning lots and are settling into the routines of our new classroom.  I try to take pictures throughout the week so that you can have a glimpse into our days at school.  I post most of these on Fresh Grade.  Please make sure you have responded to my Fresh Grade invite (sent on September 6) to be sure that you get notified when I post new photos of your children.

I have gotten comments from many of you through the Fresh Grade app.  Thank you!  It is nice to hear from you and to know that you are seeing what is being posted there.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Grade

  1. Hi mrs . Morris I just accept frash grade invite today because i couldn’t receive it to my email,it had sent to my husband email that why .I’m sorry for accepting it late .

  2. HI! Unfortunately I didn’t see the link for this program. Is it possible to have it resent to my email? Thanks so much!

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