Spelling Words

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This week we began working on our first set of spelling words!  Our first five words are top, but, and, cat & red. We sounded out each word together and the Kindies worked very hard to print each letter on interlined paper.  I’m so proud of them and how far they’ve come since the start of the year!


April Dates

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I can’t believe it’s April already!  We are six days into the month already.  I guess it’s time to send out some dates for your calendar.

Here they are:

Friday, April 9 – Knight Day

Wednesday, April 14 – Beach Dress Up Day (no bathing suits, please)

Friday, April 16 – Knight Day

Friday, April 23 – Interim Reports go home

Friday, April 23 – Knight Day

Friday, April 30 – Pro D Day (no school)



March Dates

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If you like to add dates to your calendar like I do, here are a few:

March 5 – Knight Day

March 10 – Storybook Character Day Dress Up

March 12 – Knight Day

March 12 – Last day of school before Spring Break

March 13-28 – Spring Break

March 29 – Return to School

March 31 – Class Photos

March 31 – March Home Reading prize Continue reading »

Class Photo

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Due to covid, we have not been able to hire our regular photography company to do our classroom photos. We have hired our own Leah Riley from Three Leaf Photography to come and take class photos for us. On Wednesday, March 31, we will have an out door classroom photo taken. You will receive a digital copy that you can print off. Come neat, clean and ready to have your picture taken!

Home Reading Log

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Today in your child’s folder you will find a reading log for the month of March.  This sheet is to keep track of your child’s daily reading.  Each time your child reads (or is read to) for 10 minutes they can colour in one of the pictures.  At the end of the month your child can exchange their fully coloured (or nearly fully coloured) page for a prize!  Happy reading!

February Dates

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February is a short month but has a lot packed into it!  Here are some important dates to mark in your calendar:


Wednesday, February 10 – Valentine Colour Day (wear red, white, purple, or pink) and Valentine Exchange Day

Friday, February 12 – Professional Development Day- no school for students

Monday, February 15 – Family Day – no school for students or teachers

Monday, February 22 – 100th Day!  – more information to follow

Wednesday, February 24 – Pink Shirt Day

New Friend

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We were so happy to welcome a new student to our class last week.  Tolu Aboaba joined us on Monday and has done an amazing job of fitting in and learning our classroom routines.  The boys and girls have been so friendly and helpful in showing their new classmate around.  Welcome, Tolu!  We are so happy you have joined our class!

100 Day

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Our class has been counting the days of school.  Our last school day was #76.  That means that in a month’s time we’ll be celebrating the 100 Day!  To show our school spirit and to commemorate this special day our class is going to dress up like we are 100 years old.  Some of my friends were concerned that they wouldn’t have a costume to wear so I thought I’d throw out a few ideas to consider:


  • gray hair (spray or baby powder)
  • glasses
  • button down shirt
  • bow tie
  • cane
  • suspenders
  • cardigan
  • sweater


  • gray hair (spray or baby powder)
  • velcro rollers
  • scarf
  • glasses
  • purse
  • pearl necklace
  • dress or skirt and blouse
  • cardigan
  • cane

I hope that this gives you some ideas to work with.  I wanted to give you lots of time to pull something together.

Looking forward to celebrating 100 days of learning and fun!