Orange Shirt Day

Remember that this Wednesday your child can wear an orange shirt to school with casual bottoms.  Our class will be talking briefly about how every child matters and should feel happy and safe at school.  Let’s show our support for this important day!

Class Rules

As we start this school year we’ve been talking quite a bit about our classroom rules.  The children have been colouring a booklet that was sent home today in your child’s folder.  Sometime this week can you take a few minutes to read it through with your child?  It really helps if we are using the same language.  Our 3 rules are:

1. Be safe

2. Be respectful

3. Be responsible

Thanks so much!



Pizza Lunch

We are now able to order Pizza Lunch online through the “munchalunch” programme. It can be found on our Highroad Academy website in the “My Highroad” section. Pizza lunches will be on Tuesdays starting next week.  If you decide to order a slice of pizza for your child, please be sure to also send a snack for them to eat at recess time.  Thanks!



Fresh Grade

What a great start to the school year it has been!  We are already learning lots and are settling into the routines of our new classroom.  I try to take pictures throughout the week so that you can have a glimpse into our days at school.  I post most of these on Fresh Grade.  Please make sure you have responded to my Fresh Grade invite (sent on September 6) to be sure that you get notified when I post new photos of your children.

I have gotten comments from many of you through the Fresh Grade app.  Thank you!  It is nice to hear from you and to know that you are seeing what is being posted there.


September Dates

Here are some dates to add to your calendar for September:

September 16 – Picture Day

Please note that if your child is a part time student you have the option of bringing them for their photo as early as 8:45.  Just buzz the office and they will let you in and show you where to go.  You can also wait until retake day later in the school year.

September 17 – Knight Day

September 22 – Terry Fox Day

We will learn a bit about this Canadian hero and will do a short run in his memory.  Families are encouraged to send a toonie to school on this day.  All proceeds will be donated towards Cancer research, a cause dear to my heart.

September 24 – Knight Day

September 29 – Orange Shirt Day

September 30 – Truth and Reconciliation Day – No School

October 1 – Pro D

Bible Memory Verses

Today I sent home your child’s first memory verse:

Aa = “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

We will practise this verse together each day at school but ask that you also review this verse with your child throughout the week.  On Wednesday of next week your child will be tested on it.  We have a grade 12 helper (Halle) who will listen to the children individually recite their verse each week.

Please Note: We won’t worry about memorizing the reference (Eg. Romans 3:23), just the verse itself.

It might be a great idea to find a special spot (like a binder or folder) to collect these weekly verses. This is a great opportunity for your child to begin to hide God’s word in their heart!  Thanks for your home support!

Scavenger Hunt!

This morning we began learning about our school community with a scavenger hunt around our school.  We visited the gym, the office, the chapel, Mrs. Larsson’s Kindie class, the first aid room, and the library.  We learned about the jobs different people in our school do.  It was fun to explore our new school environment!

Picture Day this Week

Please make a note on your calendar that Individual School Photo day is this THURSDAY, September 16.  We realize this does not fall on a day that the part time kindergarten students are here.  If your child is a part time Kindie you are welcome to bring them into the school first thing in the morning this Thursday to have their picture taken.  Alternately, they can wait and have their photo taken on retake day, a Tuesday later on in the month (or next month – I’ll let you know).  It’s always nice for that second chance to get a good expression so, if possible, I’d encourage you to try to have them here in their uniform on Thursday.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

A Message from Administration

Thank you for a wonderful start to the school year. We also want to thank you for taking the time to do your health checks with your children.

Just a note to our fabulous parents on our school starting time:  Our school doors will be opening at 8:50. Classrooms will be closed until that time as teachers work hard to prepare classroom materials, set up their classroom and participate in before-school meetings.

(Note: The next information applies more to parents of older student.  In Kindergarten we ask for hand to hand drop off.)

We encourage parents to try to arrive at the school between 8:45 and 8:55. However, if students arrive earlier, they can head to the playground where we will have supervision. At 8:55, the school bell will ring and students will be welcomed into the school.

On days that are extreme rain days, students will be brought into the gym. Students can enter the gym through the side gym door and head to their grade area. On these rainy days, we would again encourage families to try and bring students as close to the start of school as possible as activities will be limited in the gym.

Mr. Hancock