Phonogram cards

Dear Parents,

I hope you were able to enjoy this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend!

Making these videos for the week can get a bit lonely, just hanging out with my laptop 🙂 and I do look forward to our video calls. Thank you for taking time and sharing some of your activities with me, it is so fun to see so much creativity. This week, during the video call with your child, I would like to review the single letter phonogram cards, just to get a sense in were we are at. Of course we can also include the double letter phonogram cards, spelling/ reading words from last week, if your child is eager to show me, and/or other projects and fun things your child is interested in.

There is a parent zoom meeting on Tuesday at 6:30. See previous blog post, an email with password will be sent to you.

Another optional story time is scheduled for Wednesday at 2:30.

Have a great start to this new week!

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