epic! books

Some of you have run out of books to read at home. In the classroom I would get our bookshelf ready with new books for May soon.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to sign our class up for the epic! digital library. An email was sent to you, so you can sign up to ‘our classroom’ (if you didn’t receive an email, you can let me know). This can be another tool for you and your child but doesn’t have to be. I won’t give you assignments like the email from epic! states but simply opportunities and suggestions. Do not feel obligated to sign up if that is not something you want.

Either way, have an epic day!


Last Week in April

Dear Families,

On April 1st, I was in our empty class room getting bags ready for you and your kids for our off campus school time. Now we start the last week in April. A month with many adjustments for all of us. Thank you for the way you jumped on board, supported, filled in the gap, and encouraged. I’m so thankful for all of you wonderful families.

Just a few things for this week

If you want to send a show and tell video for the other class mates, you can still do that. We had no particular order, just whenever you want to share one.

I plan to keep the optional story time on Wednesday at 2:30 if that is something that you want to join in (link will be sent via email after lunch on Wed.)

I so enjoy seeing your child at our video meetings, hearing from them, and seeing what they want to show me. If there is something I can help you with during a video meeting, for example doing the phonogram cards, pop words, math subitizing cards, or bible memory verse with your child, I’m happy to do that, just let me know.

I did send out the week schedule on Friday and if there are questions, or links that do not want to work, do not hesitate to let me know.

Marble track building is on the schedule for Wednesday, a project to wrap up our force and motion unit. If you are familiar with KiwiCo (https://www.kiwico.com, they have awesome crates for all ages and have many STEM type activity ideas on their website), you may have seen, that they have a marble run activity idea to include kids from all over the world. I’m adding the link here in case your kids are inspired to join the world wide marble run activity. This is of course optional but also might give you some ideas for building your own marble track at home this week. Our family made a marble track on the weekend to participate in this KiwiCo activity. 🙂

Have a great start to your week!

Week 3 of Distant (for me) and Up Close (for you) Education, here we go!

Dear families,

I hope you had a good weekend away form worksheets and duo tangs 🙂 I saw a funny quote that I can relate to: “Cleaning the house with everybody home is like brushing your teeth with an Oreo cookie in your mouth!” – So, let’s enjoy the Oreo cookies in this season even though we like clean teeth as well.

If you have a show and tell video from your child, send it my way and I will fwd it to all families. It is so fun for the kids to see their friends in a new environment.

Based on your encouraging feedback, I will do another optional story time on Wednesday at 2:30 if you want to join in again. I will send out the link on Wednesday after lunch and hope the video will work out this time.

I have created a closed class Facebook group in case it could be another way to stay in touch, share ideas, ask questions, and encourage each other. ‘Part Time Kindie Full Time Parents’ is the name. If I was not able to send you an invite, send me a request to join if that is something that would interest you.

I’m looking forward connecting with you and your children in this coming week. Please have your child choose at least one ‘job’ for each subject area (bible, language arts, math) of the work he/ she has been working on at home to show me when we have our video meeting.

Here is a picture that followed soon after I made the push& pull video for science this week. Maybe your kids can describe what forces are in action in that picture 🙂


Wednesday Story Time at 2:30 (optional)

Dear kids,

I want to try something new this afternoon. Storytime :)!

If you want to join our video story time, along with some other friends from our kindie class, this afternoon at 2:30, grab a favourite stuffy and cuddle up on the couch.

Your mom or dad can  follow the link that I will send out by email shortly after lunch today.

Maybe we will see you then.

(Parents, this is optional, no need to rearrange your day 🙂 )

He is Risen! Happy Easter!

Dear Families,

I hope you had a good weekend so far with your family celebrating Jesus!

Backyarden was a good destination to go to and hang out as the weather was so inviting to spend time outside. 🙂

For this coming week I have an email ready for you with an attached schedule for you and your kindergartener, along with other attachments with worksheets to print. I added all the links and little videos from me right into the schedule this time, so that it is all together for you. Always know that the written activities are suggestions and meant as a help for you and not to dictate your days with your child or put pressure on you.

In that coming email you will also find all the email addresses from whomever was ok to share with the others, so that you could set up little screen playdates with each other if you so desire.

Happy Easter Monday !

Here I’m showcasing Kaszem’s beautiful resurrection garden, which by now has the stone rolled away 🙂

Songs from Kindergarten

Dear families,

some of you have asked for some songs that we sing in kindergarten. Mrs. Caswell is putting some together for us and in the meantime here is a link to Let Your Light Shine and the Blessing song we sing usually at the end of the day.

Happy singing


Wednesday links for you

Dear families,

With several of you I got to connect via the video call already, and it truly is a highlight of my day to see your smiling faces.

As mentioned on the weekly schedule, I’m adding a subitizing video for your child to participate in. We often use these cards during carpet time.

Here is also a you tube link with a more energetic version of a subitize rap with Jack Hartmann

If the card making suggestion is something you want to tackle, here is a short video of me doing an example of a flower card:


I’ve seen some beautiful resurrection gardens you made with your kids! And I’m happy to share some pictures here as well, just send them my way.

Have a great Wednesday with your family.

Uu Bible memory verse introduction- link

Hi families,

an email loaded with tools, for you and your kindergartener, for this upcoming week of doing kindergarten distant education, has been sent to you. In there you will find the

weekly schedule, a calendar for April, a weather chart, a 100 chart, a zones of regulation chart, a class name word search as well as a link to an Easter video from the Beginners Bible.

As we go, I will send out other links or suggestions to access other material. So much for this week as there is already much adjusting happening.

Here is the link to the video introducing our new Uu Bible verse.


Unto You, O my Strength, will I sing. Ps 59:17, such a fitting verse! Let’s keep praising God in whatever situation we are in. He is good!


For our video calls, you will get an email with the link in the morning of the day of your meeting.

Look at the beautiful resurrection garden from Denver and his family 🙂