HRA Drive Thru/ Plastic cups

Dear Families,

Just a reminder that we have the drive through today from 9-12, where you can pick up your student’s report card and year book.

One thing that was left in the classroom, that I forgot to hand back to you, was the plastic cups, your child used to drink water. I have them labeled in a bag for pick up as well.

I’m looking forward waving to you as you drive by today 🙂

Kindergarten Wrap Up

Dear families,

A big thank you to all your generous notes, gifts, and encouragements that came my way to wrap up this Kindergarten year!!! You have been amazing, stepping up during this pandemic and rearranging all your plans to adjust to a new normal. I appreciate you beautiful families, and truly enjoyed the opportunity to journey with your children this Kindergarten year. I also want to give a big shout out to Mrs. Morris for starting this year and laying down such great foundations for the class and me to build on during this year.

Slide Show

I put a slide show together and will email you an unlisted YouTube link (that means, it can’t be searched but only whoever has the link can view it) with some snap shots from our class. Enjoy going down Kindergarten memory lane with your child. 🙂

Report Cards/ Year Book

On Friday, June 26th, we will have another Highroad Academy drive thru from 9am-12noon. This time to come pick up your child’s report card and the year book. The steps are very similar to last time. Here the details:

  • Time is for all the same, no alphabetical order, during 9am-12pm
  • Come in from Broadway as there is construction on Chilliwack Central Rd.
  • Have a sign with your family name in the car window
  • Our class has nothing to drop off but maybe you have older siblings that need to drop off a chrome book or library book, that would be at the first station.
  • next station would be picking up of report card and year book
  • if you are unable to come, we can send items home with a friend, just have your friend display both family names in the car window. Otherwise, the school office will be reopen again in August.

epic! free

This is part of a note I received from epic!, so we can enjoy some of these books during the summer:

With summer approaching, you’ve been asking for ways to keep students reading after June 30. Great news! Starting July 1st, all families who have signed up for Remote Student Access through an invitation from their teacher will be able to enjoy a brand-new service, Epic Free, which includes 2 hours of free reading per week in a limited library of high-quality, educational books.

There is nothing more that you or your families need to do — RSA family accounts will automatically transition to Epic Free on July 1, allowing them to keep reading on Epic through the summer and beyond. Get the details here >


Now enjoy some pictures I was able to take in all the last week happenings, with our mini Kindie Grad (thank you all that were able to come out) and 100 Day (wow did we have aged people in our class room, we got so many compliments in the hall way 🙂

The Lord bless you, and keep you. The Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance on you and give you peace!

Last Week, return school supplies

Dear parents,

The last week of Kindergarten is here. A time to reflect. A time to celebrate. A time to look forward to something new.

Return School supplies: there are two options to return the extra supplies that you still have at home. 1) if your child is in school, send them with your child, 2) if you are learning at home, have them ready for me to pick up on Tuesday.

Supplies includes: dry erase marker, pencil, eraser, pouch that held all the worksheets. (Things you can keep if you want are: the sorting tray, zip lock bag with items in it, page protector with lined paper, crayons, marble maze)

Here an overview of the week like I mentioned in the email on Friday:

For kids in school: Monday we will take a time to recognize our students as Kindie Grads at the end of the day. The plan is for us to come outside around 2pm with our little grad hats (no gowns) and sit on the benches (or under the cover if the weather is not cooperating), have a time to recognize each student. Parents if you want to come to take some pictures, you are welcome to do so. After this, you are free to take your child home (if the weather is too wet we might have to go back in to collect the backpacks)

For kids at home: On Tuesday I plan to do a drive through at your place with the grad hat and art book and some other goodies for your child. I will email an approximate schedule to you. That would be the time to hand back the school supplies to me.

Wednesday is our 100 day and kids that are coming to school are welcome to dress up as a 100 year old person. This is also our last day of school and we will have a freeze at the end of the day. Parents of home learners, if you want your child to have a time on a video call with us in school, let me know and I will see what I can do with sending you a link to connect to us at school. The art book and other school work will be sent home that day, so make sure you have empty hands to help your child carry things to the car. 🙂

Ready, set, let’s go into this last week!



Second Last Week In Kindergarten

Dear families,

Can you believe that your Kindergartener is just about no Kindergartener anymore as we are heading into our second last week of Kindergarten! 🙂 .

Celebrating the end of the year will be different than some of you, with older siblings, have experienced in the past. Still we want to close this year well and acknowledge and celebrate all the growth that happened. More info on this is coming your way soon. In the meantime, you have time to talk to your child about dressing up as a 100 year old for our very last day of school as it is our 100 day! We all had observed the other Kindergarten class when it was their day, and June 17 will be our turn 🙂 . Kids at home can dress up too of course, and we love to see pictures.

Head circumference: We did talk about measuring things this week, so this fits right in. Please measure your child’s head circumference this week and send your measurement to me. It can be inches or cm. (This is for all ptk kids)

For students who are coming to school, just a reminder to send water bottles as all water fountains are closed.

If you have still library books, you got a separate email from me. Thank you for dropping them off in the school lobby. If books are not found, there is a replacement fee you can ask me about.

Here some pics of kids, happy to see the ‘old’ toys again and our little field trip to the HRA garden. ->There were even great observers with me who saw that there are peas growing in our HRA garden as well! (Home learners, I’m happy to add pictures of you on the blog as well, just email me)

June 1

Good Evening Dear Parents,

with so many things out of normal, starting school back up in June is just another thing to add to the ‘different’ list.

My daughter’s backpack got packed this afternoon and she is so excited to go see her somewhat different grade 5 classroom. I hope you and your child had a chance to watch the video walk through of our classroom on our fb group, just to have an idea of some of our new normals for these last weeks in school.

For returning students, the classroom door will be open from 8:45 on. One parent may walk their kindergartener in (no younger siblings please), or your child may walk in like a first grader. Students do not need to pick up a late slip if they arrive after the bell. Since we won’t use our lockers, the students will bring their coat and backpack with lunch and all right into the classroom. No need to bring a pillow or gym shoes. For pick up at 2:30, our class will be gathered outside our classroom windows on the sidewalk.

Students at home, have a good time starting a new month, June! I’m looking forward to connect with you on Tuesdays on a video call. (I will just email parents individually to set up a time)

See you tomorrow, and thank you for your help in explaining to your child that we can still greet each other with a wave or air hug, instead of a handshake, a hug, or high five.