Survey, Links, and Pics

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a chance to be with us at the parent zoom meeting (if you were not there, a recording is available, please contact the office). Please take a minute to fill out the survey that was emailed to you yesterday, as this will be helpful for us in taking our next steps on this ongoing adventure.

Thank you for the continuous support you are giving your students at home.

Here I’m sharing some links that some of our friends are using and I thought others might enjoy them as well:

You have access to the epic! books until June 30. There are so many resources on there to read, be read to, watch, listen, and explore. There are short little videos for some of our double letter phonograms and word families. These are a fun way to get more familiar with the sounds and words. I put them into your ‘epic!InBox’ if that is a resource you want to take advantage of.

Here some of our good looking learners as they work hard, sort, build forts, and label objects in their house.

Have a good and safe long weekend!