He is Risen! Happy Easter!

Dear Families,

I hope you had a good weekend so far with your family celebrating Jesus!

Backyarden was a good destination to go to and hang out as the weather was so inviting to spend time outside. 🙂

For this coming week I have an email ready for you with an attached schedule for you and your kindergartener, along with other attachments with worksheets to print. I added all the links and little videos from me right into the schedule this time, so that it is all together for you. Always know that the written activities are suggestions and meant as a help for you and not to dictate your days with your child or put pressure on you.

In that coming email you will also find all the email addresses from whomever was ok to share with the others, so that you could set up little screen playdates with each other if you so desire.

Happy Easter Monday !

Here I’m showcasing Kaszem’s beautiful resurrection garden, which by now has the stone rolled away 🙂