Week 3 of Distant (for me) and Up Close (for you) Education, here we go!

Dear families,

I hope you had a good weekend away form worksheets and duo tangs 🙂 I saw a funny quote that I can relate to: “Cleaning the house with everybody home is like brushing your teeth with an Oreo cookie in your mouth!” – So, let’s enjoy the Oreo cookies in this season even though we like clean teeth as well.

If you have a show and tell video from your child, send it my way and I will fwd it to all families. It is so fun for the kids to see their friends in a new environment.

Based on your encouraging feedback, I will do another optional story time on Wednesday at 2:30 if you want to join in again. I will send out the link on Wednesday after lunch and hope the video will work out this time.

I have created a closed class Facebook group in case it could be another way to stay in touch, share ideas, ask questions, and encourage each other. ‘Part Time Kindie Full Time Parents’ is the name. If I was not able to send you an invite, send me a request to join if that is something that would interest you.

I’m looking forward connecting with you and your children in this coming week. Please have your child choose at least one ‘job’ for each subject area (bible, language arts, math) of the work he/ she has been working on at home to show me when we have our video meeting.

Here is a picture that followed soon after I made the push& pull video for science this week. Maybe your kids can describe what forces are in action in that picture 🙂