Zones of Regulation

Today our class learned a little bit about the Zones of Regulation (a curriculum designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control).  We learned about 4 colours that indicate the state that our minds and bodies can be in.

Blue = the blue zone is used to describe when one feels sad, tired, sick, or bored

Green = the green zone is used to describe when one feels calm, happy, focused, or content

Yellow = a person may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, or fear when in the yellow zone.

Red = a person may be experiencing anger, rage, explosive behaviour, panic , extreme grief, terror, or elation when in the red zone.

Everyone experiences all of the zones at one time or another.  The lessons and learning activities that we will be doing are designed to help students recognize when they are in the different zones as well as learn how to use strategies to change or stay in the zone they are in.

You might start to hear your child talking about these zones at home.  Hopefully, this quick introduction will give you a bit of a context for that!


Special Helper Bag

We have started our Special Helper routine and I am super excited for all the help that I am now getting!  You will know that it’s your child’s turn to be a special helper when they come home with a beige canvas bag that has the show and tell booklet inside.  For our first run through of show and tell we will be finding items that begin with the letters of the alphabet.  The booklet will let you know which letter of the alphabet your child has been assigned.  Please find something beginning with that letter and place it in the bag then have your child help you think of 3 clues about that item and write them down.  The children will try to guess what it is!

Your child will also be my helper that day for handing out supplies, picking quiet students, holding doors open, and leading our lineups.  It’s always a special day for them!  We go in alphabetical order by first name.

10 Great Badges!

Your child has probably been coming home with a great badge most days. (If not, feel free to come and ask me about their behaviour at school that day!)  When your child has accumulated 10 great badges they may bring them back to our classroom and later in the day trade them in for a prize!  Here are some steps to follow when your child is ready to bring their 10 great badges to school:

  1. Put them in a bag or container labelled with your child’s name.  This will help to ensure that there are no mix ups.
  2. Help your child to find their envelope in the basket and put their great badges inside.
  3. Help your child put their envelope with the great badges into the bigger square wicker basket.

That’s it!  It is usually during nap time that the children will be able to choose their prize.  Maybe let your child know this so that they aren’t too impatient!  It feels so long to wait until then but we learn to have patience!

Student Photos

Your child’s home folder today contained their school photo order form.  They were all soooo cute!  If you would like to order a package please fill out and return your forms to the office by September 27th.  If you would like retakes they are Monday, October 15th.

Field trip Details

Pumpkin Patch

Our class is getting very excited for our first bus ride and field trip next Wednesday!  I am also happy to say that everyone has returned their permission forms.  Yay!  I am hoping to have some parent helpers for this trip.  I hope the criminal records check hasn’t scared you away!  Even if you haven’t yet gotten this done it’s not to late.  Just pick up the form from the office and fill it out.  As long as it’s in process it will be fine for this first outing.  Would you then email me at to let me know?  I would love to put a few parents in charge of a small group of children.  Thanks!

We will be going rain or shine so please dress your child for the weather.  Rubber boots are always a good idea since farms tend to be muddy places!  Also, please send along two plastic shopping bags labelled with your child’s name for bringing home their pumpkin.  Thanks!

To get us ready for travelling on the school bus Mr. Louben, one of our bus drivers, came to talk to us last week about bus safety.  We learned about sitting quietly and facing the front while travelling on the bus.  Your child might be able to tell you more safety rules about busses.  Here are a few photos of our time with Mr. Louben: