10 Great Badges!

Your child has probably been coming home with a great badge most days. (If not, feel free to come and ask me about their behaviour at school that day!)  When your child has accumulated 10 great badges they may bring them back to our classroom and later in the day trade them in for a prize!  Here are some steps to follow when your child is ready to bring their 10 great badges to school:

  1. Put them in a bag or container labelled with your child’s name.  This will help to ensure that there are no mix ups.
  2. Help your child to find their envelope in the basket and put their great badges inside.
  3. Help your child put their envelope with the great badges into the bigger square wicker basket.

That’s it!  It is usually during nap time that the children will be able to choose their prize.  Maybe let your child know this so that they aren’t too impatient!  It feels so long to wait until then but we learn to have patience!

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