Special Helper Bag

We have started our Special Helper routine and I am super excited for all the help that I am now getting!  You will know that it’s your child’s turn to be a special helper when they come home with a beige canvas bag that has the show and tell booklet inside.  For our first run through of show and tell we will be finding items that begin with the letters of the alphabet.  The booklet will let you know which letter of the alphabet your child has been assigned.  Please find something beginning with that letter and place it in the bag then have your child help you think of 3 clues about that item and write them down.  The children will try to guess what it is!

Your child will also be my helper that day for handing out supplies, picking quiet students, holding doors open, and leading our lineups.  It’s always a special day for them!  We go in alphabetical order by first name.

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