Rain Gear

Please remember to send your child to school with jackets and footwear appropriate for this rainy season.  We do go outside as much as we can because the fresh air is so healthy.  We remind the  children to stay away from puddles if they’re not wearing rain boots.  It is difficult, though, to stay dry in regular shoes because our playground area becomes quite soggy.  Boots are really quite a necessary item at this point.

Please also make sure your child has an extra change of clothes (including socks) in their backpack or locker in case they should need to change into something dry.

Thanks so much!

Christmas Count Down

The children have been working on a Christmas countdown craft that will be coming home tomorrow.  It is a star with 24 links.  Starting on the night of December 1st have your child remove one link and enjoy counting down the days until Christmas!  It’ll be here before we know it!