First Week Done!

Yay!  We made it through our first week of Kindergarten and I’m so proud of each boy and girl in our class!  The first few days are always the hardest.  Everything is new and there is so much to learn.  As the days go on we will settle into the routines of Kindergarten and it will feel easier.  Having said that, we’ve already had a lot of fun together.  I hope your child has come home with happy stories.

In no particular order, here are some start-of-the-year details for your information:

Library – Your child came home with a red bag containing library books yesterday.  Each Tuesday our class will visit Mrs. Britz in our school library and will check out (usually 2) library books.  We hope that you will enjoy reading these books with your child at home.  You may keep school books for one week.  On Tuesday morning simply have your child  return their book bag into a library book box that I will put outside of our classroom door.  They will bring home new books at the end of the day.

Pizza Day – Tuesdays are also pizza days at Highroad.  If you would like to order a slice of pizza for your child you can add their name to the sign up sheet that will be outside of our classroom door each Tuesday morning.  The cost per generous slice is $2.  You can pay by putting money in the pocket attached to the clip board or you can purchase a pizza card at the office and indicate that as your method of payment on the form.

Me Bags – In Bible we are learning about Jesus’ love for us and how he has made each one of us special. Please help your child choose their 3 items and be able to communicate why they were chosen.  Each student will have an opportunity to share their Me Bag with the class in the week ahead.  We are looking forward to learning new things about our friends.

Parent Meeting – There will be a parent meeting this coming Monday evening at 6:30 pm. in the gym.  You are encouraged to come out and hear about the vision for our school.  Feel free to come and chat with me about your child if you’d like.  I’d love to get to know you better and hear any concerns or comments you might have!

School Rules – We have been talking about our 3 classroom rules:

Be Safe – Be Respectful – Be Responsible

Your child brought home a booklet today.  We did not finish colouring the pictures.  If desired, your child can finish colouring it at home.  More importantly, can you read through it with them at home and talk about the importance of the 3 rules?  We will continue to have discussions at school but it is always so helpful when the same message is given at home and at school.  Thank you!