Our Learning So Far

It was day 7 for us today in part time Kindergarten and we have already started learning so many things!

In Language Arts we have talked about how to “pinch and flip” so that we are holding our pencil/marker/crayon correctly.  Here is a video made a few years ago to demonstrate what that looks like:


We have also started to learn about the a-z phonograms, focussing primarily on the sounds phonograms make, rather than letter names.  So far, we have learned all of the clock letters (o,c,a,d,s,g,q,and f), printing them on our whiteboards and saying their sounds.

Note:  All clock letters begin on 2 on the clock and go up and around the 12.

I am sending home a paper in your child’s home folder today that gives the sounds for each of the phonograms.  The sounds for each phonogram are listed in order of frequency.  I would encourage you to also purchase a set of phonograms cards from the office.  We use this program in all of our primary classrooms at Highroad Academy so it will be a worthwhile investment.  The cards list the phonogram sounds and give printing instructions.  There are 70 in total.

In Math we are exploring numbers 1-9, learning to print (1-4 so far), playing games, and doing Number Talks to expand our mathematical thinking.

Our Theme has been learning about Me and My School.  We have learned about the rules of our classroom and school.  We are also learning our classmates’ names and the names of our principal, office staff, and primary teachers.  We went on a fun school scavenger hunt last week to learn more about the special places in our school building (gym, office, principal’s office, chapel, and sick room).

We are also learning about our identifying our emotions using a program called Zones of Regulation.  Today we coloured the four zones (blue, green, yellow, and red) and are bringing home the page to share with our families.  I will be sending home more information about this program at a later date.

In Bible we have learned about how much Jesus loves us and how special and unique He has made each of us.  The Me Bags were a great way for the children to share about themselves and learn that we are the same and different in ways from each other.

In addition to all of this, we have also done a lot of playing!

This is a great group of children and I am so proud of how they are doing in their new Kindie environment!