Thank You

I wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” for all of the lovely cards and gifts and sentiments expressed to me in the last weeks of school.  Thank you also for entrusting your child to me this past year, as their teacher.  Each one is so precious and I will always have a special place in my heart for them!


Here is a link to all of the photos I took this year of our Kindergarten fun.  The images seem to have scrambled and aren’t really in any kind of order but there are a lot of them.  Enjoy!

This Week’s Details

Hi Parents,

I just wanted to let you know that today is the last uniform day.  The children will wear comfortable dress clothes tomorrow for Kindie grad and play clothes on Wednesday morning for Fun Day.

If you signed up to bring something for tomorrow’s Kindie grad can you bring it to school by the end of the day, if possible?  This will help us get everything set up and ready to go before school tomorrow.

Your child will be coming home from school today with all of their work from the year.  If your child is the oldest child in your family at Highroad they will also come home with a yearbook.  If you want, see if you can spot 2 photos of Mrs. Morris when she was a student at highroad many years ago on page six!

Today would also be a good day to help your child clean out their locker.  Anything that is left at the end of the week will end up in the trash.

Summer is in sight!  We will get there!  We can do this!


Primary Fun Day – Volunteers Needed!

Me again!  Sorry for all of the posts today – there are so many details at this time of the year!

Every year we like to end our school year with a primary fun day.  This will be on Wednesday, June 19 and will run from 9:15 – 11:45.  I am looking for two parent volunteers to help run centers.  K-3 students will cycle through and visit each center for about 10 minutes.  If you are free to help that morning, could you let me know, please?  Thanks!

Kindie Grad

Kindie Grad is coming up quickly and we love to end our celebration with some snacks and refreshments.  I will have a sign up sheet outside the classroom next week.  Could you please take a look and sign up for something that works for you?  we are asking that all items be brought to school on June 17th in a manner ready to serve (for example, no whole watermelons!)  Thanks so much!

Our Kindie students do not need to wear their uniform for Kindie grad.  We will provide a white grad gown for each child so they can wear comfortable church clothes underneath.  We will also provide a graduation crown for each child to wear so please consider this when styling your child’s hair that day.  For example: Side ponytails won’t work very well.

Feel free to invite grandparents or family friends.  There should be lots of room in the chapel.  We will begin at 9:30 and should be finished our time of refreshments by 10:30.  Before you leave, please come and find me so that I can give your child their scrapbook before they go home with you.

No More Welcome Wednesdays

Can you believe that we are so near the end of this school year?  We only have two more weeks left!  Our next two Wednesdays will be very busy with 100 Day next week and Fun Day the following week.  So, we are officially done with our Welcome Wednesday routine.  Thank you to all parents and grandparents who were able to participate.  I hope you enjoyed being welcomed into our classroom and spending time with the Kindies.  I know that the children sure enjoyed the time they spend reading with you!

Get Air Waiver – parents too!

I just received an email from the manager of Get Air Abby to inform me that any parents/adults who will be onsite also need to fill out the waiver.  Please do so if you haven’t already to make things go more smoothly on Monday.

She also included some safety reminders.  we will go over these in class but if you could also stress these at home that would be great!

A couple of important rules for the kids!!

ZERO RUNNING!!! There is no running anywhere in the building. This is highly dangerous and could cause injuries.

No double bouncing – This is when two people are jumping on the same trampoline.  Every trampoline is one jumper at a time. The same goes for the surfboard, fidget ladder and the foam pits.

The Ninja course and basketball is also one at a time.

No food or drinks are allowed on the trampoline deck (this is where the trampolines are). But they are more than welcome to have a snack and drink in the lobby.



Things to Know for Monday’s Fieldtrip

Monday, June 10th is our year end field trip to Get Air Abby and then to the Garrison Spray park.  we are praying for nice weather!  We will be leaving the school at 9:30 and returning before the bell at the end of the day.  If you have your criminal record check done and would like to join us, we would love to have you.  we should have some room on the shuttles for some extra parents.  Parents, if you are coming, could you please help us keep an eye on all of the Kindies?  We always want our students to be safe and could certainly use your help in that!

We will NOT be coming back to the school in between activities.  Your child will need to bring everything they need for the day in their backpack when we leave in the morning.  They will need:

*lunch and snack

*water bottle (labelled with their name)

*easy shoes that they can get on and off themselves


*bathing suit

*sunscreen (if you are concerned about the sun)

Please do not send toys along on the field trip.