Last Week in Photos

Here is a glimpse of what the children were up to last week during centers:

Kindie 2015-2016 166

At the block center the children built words using duplo blocks.

Kindie 2015-2016 175

The children also enjoyed “Write the Room” where they searched for gum ball pictures and recorded the -at words that they found.

Kindie 2015-2016 174

The children represented numbers 1-10 using our bubble gum playdough mats.

Kindie 2015-2016 178

And sometimes they just got creative with the playdough:

Kindie 2015-2016 156

Pokey Pin was a popular activity for early finishers.

Kindie 2015-2016 020

Here are a few more Word Work activities enjoyed by early finishers:

Kindie 2015-2016 128

Kindie 2015-2016 121

The children also enjoyed exploring through play our new Kindie Restaurant and Pet Hospital.

Kindie 2015-2016 168Kindie 2015-2016 184 Kindie 2015-2016 188

Kindie 2015-2016 176

I wonder what fun things we’ll do at centers this week?

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