Summer Uniform


The weather forecast for this week shows some warm temperatures coming!  In light of this, the school board has consented to start the summer uniform immediately.  It’s time to dig out those uniform shorts and those brown, black, or white sandals (worn with or without socks).  A light jacket is still recommended for outside play.

Looking Back and Ahead


We had lots of fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday last week.  We read several of his books, did some rhyming, made a crazy hat, tried some green eggs and ham, and graphed the results.  Much to their surprise, many of the children loved the green eggs and ham!  Who knew?

Last week’s a bake sale was a great success!  I haven’t heard a grand total yet but will let you know when I do.  Thank you to all who contributed yummy treats!  The primary staff was AMAZED by the generosity and creativity of the kindie parents.  By the way, if you are missing a plate or container please check our classroom on the counter at the front of the classroom.  Again, thanks!

The Guatemala team will be dismissed at noon on Wednesday to do any final errands and then try to get an early night’s sleep.  We will be leaving for the airport at 1 am on Thursday morning.  Our family is so excited for this adventure and pray that God will use our team to be a blessing!  Mrs. Brechin will be filling for me on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

Report cards will be ready to go home on Thursday.

Spring Break:  March 14-21

I pray that you will all be refreshed by this little break from routines and schedules and that wherever you are, whether here or away, you will have lots of fun and be safe.


Take care,

Mrs. Morris

Bake Sale Details

Some of you have had some questions about our bake sale tomorrow.  You can drop off your goodies on Thursday morning whenever you arrive.  The primary teachers will all be contributing to the sale so there will be stuff to sell at 8:30 and we will just add to the tables as things arrive.  If you’d like, you could drop off your items today, if that makes things easier.  You don’t need to individually wrap cupcakes but pleases make sure that any squares etc. are cut and ready to serve.  You will not need to stay and sell anything.  If you would like your child to buy a treat from the bake sale I would recommend that you help them make their selection in the morning.  I hope this answers your question and thanks again for helping us make this bake sale a success!