Family Theme

During the month of February and March our class will be exploring the topic of “Families”. We will be looking at the similarities and differences of families, our stories and traditions, and family members’ rights, roles, and responsibilities. We know that family was God’s design and what a good idea it was!

In the next week or so would you be able to send in a photograph of your family that we can keep for the duration of our study? It will be returned to you by the end of March. Thanks!

There will be some “homework” during this theme. Please watch for papers in your child’s back and forth folder. Hopefully, this won’t feel like a huge chore for you but will be a nice opportunity for you and your child to reflect on the special qualities of your family experience.

Last Week in Photos

Here is a glimpse of what the children were up to last week during centers:

Kindie 2015-2016 166

At the block center the children built words using duplo blocks.

Kindie 2015-2016 175

The children also enjoyed “Write the Room” where they searched for gum ball pictures and recorded the -at words that they found.

Kindie 2015-2016 174

The children represented numbers 1-10 using our bubble gum playdough mats.

Kindie 2015-2016 178

And sometimes they just got creative with the playdough:

Kindie 2015-2016 156

Pokey Pin was a popular activity for early finishers.

Kindie 2015-2016 020

Here are a few more Word Work activities enjoyed by early finishers:

Kindie 2015-2016 128

Kindie 2015-2016 121

The children also enjoyed exploring through play our new Kindie Restaurant and Pet Hospital.

Kindie 2015-2016 168Kindie 2015-2016 184 Kindie 2015-2016 188

Kindie 2015-2016 176

I wonder what fun things we’ll do at centers this week?

What’s Happening in February

Here we are already in the month of February!  You will want to make note of these important dates:

February 4 – Pro D Day– No school
February 11 – Valentine’s Dress Up (pink,white, red casual day)

Note: The other classes will be dressing up on Friday but since we are not here on that day we will have our fun on Thursday!

If you would like to send Valentines for your child to hand out on this day please ensure that there is one for each child and please plan on staying long enough to help your child deliver them into each Valentine holder.  Thanks!

We will be having a little party in the afternoon.  If you would like to contribute a snack please see the sign up sheet on our classroom door.  Thanks!
February 16 – Math Mayhem (6:30-8:00pm)

This event is organized and run by Mrs. Bartel’s highschool students for kids in grades K-6.  Come on out for some Math fun and games!
February 24 – Pink Shirt Day/ Friendship Assembly


Crazy Hat Day Photos

As promised, I am (finally) posting some photos of Crazy Hat Day!  The creativity that went into these hats blew me away!  It was so fun to see the originality of each one.  You guys are amazing!  As we say in Kindergarten: “Give yourself a pat on the back and say, ‘Good job, me'”!

Kindie 2015-2016 150 Kindie 2015-2016 151 Kindie 2015-2016 152 Kindie 2015-2016 153 Kindie 2015-2016 154