Great First Week!

Dear parents,

I enjoyed seeing the students again back in our Kindergarten classroom. It was a full week with an added assembly, an eye and ear check up, and thinking very hard like the squirrel in our story to come up with a New Years Resolution.

I have not much new info to share, just a few cute pictures from your kids rediscovering the toys in our room.

  • This coming Wednesday we will be doing Welcome Wednesday again.
  • Thursday is not our regular school day but some of you are at the school for siblings. Therefore I still post the message from the Grade 5 teachers as they have a fun project we can help them with: On Thursday, January 16th Mrs. Goosen & Mrs. Riley’s Grade 5 class will be hosting a bake sale in the school lobby.  The money raised will be used to purchase composting bins for the intermediate classrooms and support the Guatemala missions team. All items will be $1.  Thank you for your support! 

Happy early weekend

Mrs. Ellis