hair ties for Guatemala

Dear families,

February is over on our part time kindergarten calendar and with March, spring is approaching with so many new things to discover.

Just a friendly reminder that team Guatemala is still collecting small hairbrushes, hair ties and barrettes to take along on their missions trip.

On Monday, March 2nd, as I learned, is Dr. Seuss Day. This is not a school dress up day but do not be surprised if you see Thin One and Thing Two in the kindergarten classrooms with blue fluffy hair. 🙂 If you have a Dr. Seuss book at home to send along with your child for the day, feel free to do so (please add name into the book).

Have a great weekend

scholastic book fair, pink shirt day

Dear families,

A long weekend makes for a short kindergarten week. I hope you enjoyed some special time with your beautiful families on Monday!

Next week we are having the Scholastic Book Fair from Tuesday to Thursday, Feb. 25-27. The lobby will be filled with books and more. Open times to purchase books will be from 8:30- 8:55 am and 3- 3:45 pm. Happy shopping, as you support our own library and classrooms with your purchases.

On Wednesday, Feb 26th will be Pink Shirt Day. Students are allowed to wear items containing pink along with play clothes on this day to support the Ant-bullying initiative  (alternative is always the school uniform).

We will be focusing on the R bible verse in this coming week.

If you have small hairbrushes, hair ties, and barrettes for kids all ages, our Guatemala team will be happy to add them to their luggage to bring down to Guatemala. We had two team members come into our class and share a little bit about their upcoming trip and how we can help them.

Congratulate your child for doing so well when we had a fire drill right when we were on our way to music class. We had to walk out along with all the tall highschoolers and they all did so good despite the big noises, well done! Also the class got to share two songs about God’s love during chapel, it was a precious moment!

Enjoy the sunshine!


Short week, Math Mayhem Tuesday night, no memory verse

Happy Valentine’s Day

This week was filled with red, pink, and white.

Our heart art for the wall, “shopping” at our market for craft supplies for the valentine’s bags, our clothes on Wednesday, and our pink drink and friendship mix. Thank you all so much for joining in by sending ingredients along for our valentine’s snack and helping your child with the Write The Room activity first thing in the morning yesterday!

Memory verse

This coming week is short for our class with Monday being Family Day. I did send the new memory verse home but we will actually not focus on this until the following week. With all the activities yesterday the Q verse testing was left out but will be done in the coming week.

Math Mayhem

Tuesday night, Feb 18th, I want to invite you all to come to the Math Mayhem night in the gym from 6:30-8 (come and go at your own leisure). The grade 11 students are producing a smorgasbord of math games and the grade 10 students will be hosting pre-made games. The gym will be set up with many different tables and stations for you and your child to choose and play math related games. It is mayhem but it is fun! 🙂

Thank you

Also I want to thank you and your kids for all the cute and yummy valentine’s cards and treats that I received!

Have a wonderful long weekend enjoying family!


early Valentine’s Day for our class: dress in red, pink, or white on Wednesday

Dear parents,

Estimating and filling a big and small mitten with bears, playing Bingo with big numbers, finding, writing, and reading words from the -at family, singing Matth 5:16, playing with a big parachute, and making a bird feeder are just a few activities keeping us busy this past week. Maybe you have found a spot already for the bird feeder your child brought home on Wednesday.

Thank you Mr. Wagner for helping us making the pine cone bird feeders and thank you Chloe for collecting the pine cones for our class!

A few infos for you to know for the coming week.

Since we won’t be at school on the the actual Valentine’s day, we will have our class Valentine’s activities on the Wednesday, Feb 12th. We get to dress in red, pink, and white that day (the alternative is wearing the uniform). A class list has been sent home. If you want to send Valentine’s cards along with your child, please include all the students and send it on Wednesday as well.

I’m planning to make a friendship trail mix with the kids along with some other activities. If you can help by sending one of the ingredients along on Wed. would be appreciated. I will have a sign up sheet at the door on Monday for you to write your name beside the item that you are able to contribute. (Items to bring are: smarties mini packs, popcorn, mini marshmallows, teddy grahams, rice chex, valentine m&m’s, yogurt covered raisins, strawberries)

Upcoming dates:

February 17th – Family day, school closed

February 18th – Math Mayham 6:30-8 pm (the date I sent out last week has changed to this one)