week before Christmas break info

Dear Parents,

Here we go, last week before Christmas is just about here, and with that some info for you.

We had a fun outing to the gymnastic this passed Monday and the hardest thing was to catch all these moving little bodies on the fun equipment on a photo :). Another gymnastic outing awaits us in January. Also thank you to Denver’s mom, Ashley, for coming in to share about their fun family Christmas tradition. Ask your child what Denver gets to look for on his Christmas tree.

A letter from Fraser Health came home informing you about a checkup for your child during the first week back to school in January. If you have any concerns, or are absent, please get in touch with the Health Unit.

This week you also had a ‘Interview with Grandparents‘ sheet in the folder. This is an opportunity for your child to connect with a grandparent (his/her own or a borrowed one) to hear how some things have changed and some things stayed the same.

I’m planning to decorate gingerbread men with the kids this coming week and am asking you to send along a ziplock bag of little treats we could use for decorations. It doesn’t have to be much, just so that we have variety, thank you.

In the coming week, we will also have several rehearsal times with the other elementary classes, for the Christmas concert on the 19th. Thank you for making it possible for your child to attend the dress rehearsal on Thursday morning at 9:15-10:15. They all work hard on these songs and lines and are happy to perform them for you all on Thursday 1pm (please bring your child to the classroom at 12:30).

Dress code for the Christmas concert is dark pants and dark shirts (kids are little stars and will wear a headband with a bright star on it. For girls, pigtails and pony tails won’t work so well, please keep hair in a braid or down.

Finally you arrived at the pictures. Enjoy


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