Christmas Concert Tomorrow and Thank Yous

Dear Parents,

what a full 3 days we had with these little elfs in the classroom from making wrapping paper, decorating gingerbread boys and gingerbread girls, making and wrapping gifts, while also rehearsing for the Christmas concert.

Thank you for all your generosity in sending decorations for our gingerbread activity and food for our food drive these past weeks. As a school we reached the goal of collecting over 20 000 points in food for the salvation army! YAY!

Along these lines I also want to thank you for the generous gifts and notes I was blessed with by you and your children! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tomorrow is our Christmas concert. The dress rehearsal starts at 9:15 in the gym. Please drop off your child in the classroom as usual at or around 9 and pick up around 10:15. Please do feed them lunch at home and be back at the classroom by 12:30. This will give you some time to get a seat, as usually this concert is very well attended. After the concert you can pick up your child at the classroom. Dress code for the concert is something dark (navy or black, can be jeans and t-shirt or also a dress) so that the shiny stars, the kids will be wearing on their heads, can stand out.


please empty your child’s locker for the holiday break. This is a good time to wash the pillow and have it all fresh for the new year and check those gym shoes as we have many growing little feet 🙂

See you tomorrow

Martina Ellis