Summer Uniform

During the months of April, May, and June (as well as September and October) Highroad students may wear summer uniform pieces.  These include (for K-6) navy shorts (near uniform brand only) and black, white, or brown sandals (must have a back strap).  Please make sure there are not additional colours, patterns, lights, or pictures.  Socks are optional.  Having said that, it is a good idea to have an extra pair of socks in your child’s backpack for when they change into their gym shoes.

Now all we need is our warmer weather back!  Hopefully, that’ll be here soon!

Home Reading Program

This week in your child’s forder you will find a reading log for the month of April.  This sheet is to keep track of your child’s daily reading.  Each time your child reads (or is read to) for 10 minutes they can colour in one of the pictures.  At the end of the month your child can exchange their fully coloured page for a prize!  Since we are starting a week late this month it won’t quite have a fully coloured page.  That’s ok.  Just send it in when the month is done.  Happy reading!

Spelling Words

This week we will be starting a weekly spelling routine.  Don’t worry; there won’t be any tests!  Each week the children will be given a list of 5 spelling words that we will practice in class, learning how to stretch out each word and find the first, middle, and ending sounds.  These words will become the base of our sight word collection that we will read to ourselves regularly.  Please continue to work with your child if they don’t yet know most of their single letter phonograms by this point.  It is very exciting to be at this stage where the children can see how they can use their knowledge of individual sound to make words!

This week’s words are:







Grandparent’s Day


Grandparent’s Day is coming up this week on Tuesday afternoon and we are getting very excited for this special event!  If your child does not have a grandparent that can attend please make arrangements for another adult family member or friend to substitute.  This way all the children will have someone visiting them in their classroom.  Also, if your child will be going home with a grandparent on Tuesday please let me know via email or a quick note in your child’s back and forth folder.   I am also told if your child’s grandparent would like to take them from class a bit early, that would be acceptable.  Again, please just let me know if your child will be leaving school grounds with a grandparent that day.  Thank you!