Grandparents Day

On April 9th Highroad Academy will be hosting our 5th annual Grandparent’s Day.  All grandparents are invited to join us for an afternoon of refreshments, entertainment, and classroom visits.  Your child is coming home today with an invitation.  If you would like more for a second set of grandparents please let me know.  Also, if your child doesn’t have a grandparent to invite or if they live too far away please feel free to invite another family member or friend in their place.

Mrs. Black

I wanted to let you know that I will not be at school tomorrow (Wednesday).  Mrs. Black, a former beloved HRA kindergarten teacher (and Grandma to our very own Maddox!) will be teaching the boys and girls in my place.  I have spoken to the Kindies about it so they are prepared and seem very excited about it.  Please feel free to stop by for Welcome Wednesday and meet her if you’d like to do so in the morning.