Get Air Waiver

For our year end field trip we are planning to go to Get Air Abby and to the spray park in Garrison.  For your child to participate in the Get Air portion of the day, you will need to fill out an on-line waiver.  Please follow the link below to do that as soon as possible.  If you could send me an email at letting me know you have done that, I would appreciate it so much!  Anyone without the waiver signed will not be able to jump.  Thanks!



100 Day

Our class is celebrating 100 Day soon (in 9 school days)!  To show our school spirit and to commemorate this special day our class is going to dress up like we are 100 years old.  Here are a few ideas to get your creativity going:

-gray hair (spray or baby powder)

-hair curlers


– bow tie

– shawl

– cane

– suspenders

Looking forward to celebrating 100 days of learning and fun!

Spring Sing Details

Our Spring Sing Concert is just around the corner (next Monday night) so here are some details you’ll need to know:

Kindies have been asked to wear jean bottoms and a pink, purple, or white top.  Our white uniform top will work great in a pinch.

Doors will open at 6:00 and the program will begin at 6:30 pm.

K-3 students are to be in their classrooms by 6:15.

Your child will sit with their class in a designated seating area.

We are singing We Are A Family by Jack Hartman.  You can look it up on YouTube to practice it at home.  We won’t be doing all the actions – just the repeated chorus part.

See you on Monday night!


June Dates

I cannot believe we are here at the end of our Kindergarten year already!  Where has the time gone?  The month ahead is full of activities so remember to mark these dates down.

Monday, May 27 – Spring Sing (6:30 in gymnasium). Details on what the children are to wear will follow shortly.

Wednesday, May 29 – Knight Day

Wednesday, June 5 – Science World Presentation at HRA

Monday, June 10 – Kindie fieldtrip to Get Air Abby and Spray Park

Wednesday, June 12 – PT Kindie 100 Day

Tuesday, June 18 – Kindie Graduation (early dismissal)

Wednesday, June 19 – K-3 Fun Day (noon dismissal)

Reminders for this Week

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is Crazy Hat Day.  Please send your child to school in their uniform and a crazy hat!

If you haven’t already, please remember to send a family photo to school or email one to by Wednesday.

Plant Pick Up

If you ordered plants through our recent plant fundraiser they will be available for pick up at the school sometime between 9 and 3 on Friday.  We are not sure exactly when in that window they will arrive so please call the office before making a special trip to the school to pick them up.  If you are not able to pick them up on such short notice please email me at and I will pick them up for you and keep them alive through the weekend!  I will bring them to class for you on Monday morning.

Show and Tell

We are ready to start a new round of special helpers so will begin at the beginning of the alphabet again.  Everyone will get at least one more turn before the end of the school year.  Please note that we will no longer be doing show and tell as part of our special helper day.  This will give us a wee bit of extra time in our morning for other important things.  “Goodbye, show and tell, you were fun!”