Today we had some fun with pumpkins!

In Bible we learned how God is like a farmer who picks a special pumpkin (us), cleans it up (our sins), carves a happy face (gives us joy), and puts a light inside (so we can shine his love).  When we see a jack-o-lantern we can think about God!

At nap time we turned out all the lights to see our pumpkin glow!

Later we passed around a pumpkin bucket and chanted a poem.

“Pumpkin, pumpkin, going ’round

Take out a letter and say the sound”

When the poem ended the person holding the bucket had to take out a phonogram card and we all said the sound.

We described pumpkins using our five senses.

We also read a book called Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins and then did an experiment to see how differently a pumpkin and a ball can move.

Who knew pumpkins could teach us so much?

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