December Dates

Tuesday, December 4 – Primary Garage Sale

Monday, December 10 – Wayland Sports field trip (permission form coming home soon)

Tuesday, December 18 – Gingerbread Fun Day (details to follow)

Thursday, December 20 – Primary Christmas Program (details to follow)

Countdown to Christmas

The children are working on a Christmas countdown craft that will be coming home today.  It is a star with 24 links.  Starting on the night of December 1st have your child remove one link and enjoy counting down the days until Christmas!  It’ll be here before we know it!

Garage Sale

Come one, come all!  On Tuesday, December 4 the primary department is hosting a garage sale in the chapel.  The sale will be open before school, beginning at 8:30 until the bell rings, and after school until 3:30.  Parents are invited to shop during those times, and students will be visiting the sale during the school day with their classes.

The majority of items will range in price from .25 to $2 with a few bigger pieces being priced higher.

Please send children with a bit of money to shop, if you wish, and with a plastic grocery bag labelled with their name, for their purchases to go in.  This could be a great opportunity for your child to buy a little Christmas gift for a sibling!


Food Drive

Thank you so much for your generous donations to the food drive last week!  Our class earned 107 points!  Here is a breakdown of the points as set out by the Salvation Army:


10 point item: tuna


5 point items:

mac and cheese

chunky soup (don’t add water)

canned lunches (ravioli, chili, pork and beans etc)

canned veggies

canned soup

canned fruit

dry pasta

also, every dollar = 5 points


1 point: all other items

Please do not donate packages of noodle soup or pop.

What a great way to bless our community this holiday season!  We appreciate your involvement!

Pajama Day

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is pajama day.  Your child may also bring a teddy bear or other stuffed toy to class with them.  We hope the stuffies will behave!  See you in the morning!

Two Opportunities to “Shine” this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches our class has two opportunities to bless those in need around us:

  1.  Primary Garage Sale – We are looking for donations of gently used toys.  We will have the sale on Tuesday, December 4th.  All proceeds will go to the Ann Davis House.  This might be a great opportunity to clean out the closets of unused toys before Christmas arrives.  It might also be a fun opportunity for your child to pick out and buy inexpensive Christmas gifts for their siblings.
  2. Salvation Army Food Drive – We are looking for canned and boxed non-perishable food items.  Our class will get points for each item brought in.  The class with the most points will win a prize!  I will give more details in the next few days as I receive more information.

Thanks for considering helping out in these areas!


Spell to Write and Read Parent Seminar

The primary teachers are excited to present our SWR workshop on Wednesday afternoon.  Some of you signed up for childcare last week.  Thanks!  Our workshop will begin at 3:15.  Please pick up your child from the classroom after school and take them to the resource room (down the hallway to the right of the school foyer).  There will be a sign up sheet for your to fill out then you may leave your children and join us in the Chapel.  See you then!

Family Homework

Our theme for the month of November and December is “Families”.  We will be talking about how our families are similar and different and, next month, will talk about family traditions during the holidays.

To help us learn more about each family represented in our classroom I will be sending home some “homework”.  The first of these papers came home in your child’s folder on Wednesday. Please help your child think of something your family enjoys doing together and have your child draw a picture of it using at least 3 different colours.  Then return it to school.

I am looking forward to learning more about each of our families in the weeks to come!

Jackets, Please!

Please make sure that your child has a jacket for school each day.  The children are sent outside as much as possible for recess and lunch to allow them to get some fresh air and room to run, climb, and play.
These Fall days are often chilly, windy or wet.  We avoid going outside on rainy days but do send the children out if it is lightly drizzling.   A hooded jacket is a great option.  As winter approaches and the cold weather comes your child will also appreciate a toque, scarf, and a pair of mitts.  Thanks for helping us stay warm and dry!

Spell to Write and Read Parent Seminar

The primary teachers are putting together a parent seminar on Wednesday, November 21 between 3:15 and 4:15 for parents who would like to better understand our language arts program.  It is recommended that all parents attend so that you will be able to support your little learner at home.  There will be childcare available but we are asking parents to sign up their children for this.  I will have a sign up sheet outside of our classroom this week.  Please indicate how many children you’d like supervised along with their ages.  Thanks!