I was so impressed with how well the children did today with the full day of school.  They probably came home super tired!  That is a common experience in these early weeks of Kindergarten.  Your child is learning so much about school life.  Soon the structure of each day will make so much more sense and the days will seem to fly by.  Hang in there!

Your child’s week will include visits to the library, gym, and music room.  I want to make you aware of some of the special people that will play a role in your child’s days here at school.

Mrs. Caswell teaches the Kindies Music.  We visit her in the garage (a classroom above the gym) twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Mrs. Britz is our library teacher.  Our class will visit her in the library on Wednesday mornings.

Our class enjoys two PE classes each week (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons) with the full time Kindergarten class.  Mrs. Larsson and I alternate leading these sessions.

What a wonderful list of caring teachers!  Your child is blessed!



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