Getting Started Details

Next week the children will be attending Kindergarten for full days Monday to Wednesday.  Our classroom door will open at 8:55.  Plan to arrive early and help your child hang their backpack in their locker and, when the door opens at 8:55, please help them put their home folder in the tub by my desk then find their nametag in their cubby and put it on.  We will meet at the big carpet to begin our day.

Wednesday of this week will be school pictures day.  Your child will need to wear their full dress uniform.  For the girls this would be their navy tunic, button down white blouse, and navy cardigan.  For the boys it would be their white button down shirt, long navy pants, and their navy cardigan.

Please be sure that you are familiar with our school’s uniform policy as we begin this year.  Socks, for example, must be solid white, black, or navy blue.  Uniform shoes must also be black or white or a combination of black/white.  No other colours of trim are allowed.  Some parents have successfully used a black sharpie cover over a bit of coloured trim.  For the months of September and October, May and June sandals (with a back strap) are allowed in black, white, or brown.  I’m sure it seems a lot to remember at this point!  Don’t worry.  There’s lots of grace in the first couple of weeks as families figure things out!  We’ll get there!

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