Learning How to Say “I’m Sorry”

We have been learning how to appropriately apologize and repair with someone we have hurt. In
our classroom, an apology consists of three steps (see below).
3 Steps:
1. First, say: “I’m sorry … (e.g., for taking your toys without asking).”
2. Second, say: “It was wrong because … (e.g., it hurt your feelings and they aren’t my toys).”
3. Third, say: “Next time I will … (e.g., ask if I can use your things before I take them).”

When applicable, please encourage your child to use these three steps at home with their siblings,
parents, cousins, or friends when they need to apologize for their actions. This will help them to take
ownership of their actions, understand how their behavior affects others, and learn what to do differently
next time. Thank you for your continued support!

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