I want to thank you all for making time in your busy schedules to meet with me last week.  It was so great to connect with you and get to chat about your child’s learning and growth!  I’m so proud of each one!

I promised some of you that I would post the names of some apps that you can use at home for extra practice.  So here they are…

For learning phonogram sounds: Phonograms by SEI or iPhonogram

For working on printing skills: Little Writer

These aren’t the fanciest of apps but they do line up quite well with the programs we use at Highroad.

We are currently working on a-z (knowing the sounds and printing the letter) and 1-10.

We really appreciate your home support.  Thank you so much!

One thought on “Apps

  1. Good morning Mrs Morris

    Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on Wednesday.

    We appreciate the detailed feedback. We will work on the development points and looking forward to see him progress.

    We appreciate the input and the value you add to Jean Luc’s life.


    Hein + Nicolene

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