Knight Days

Fridays at Highroad are Knight Days.  This means that students may wear a Knight shirt and casual bottoms instead of their uniform if they wish.  Each year the Kindies are gifted  a free Knight shirt.  Please check your child’s backpack tomorrow afternoon!

Since our part time Kindies do not attend on Fridays they will not wear their Knight shirts as often but we will make sure that we have a few special Knight days in the year for them.

September Dates

Here are a few important dates to keep in mind as we begin this exciting first month of Kindergarten:

Tuesday, September 12th – Individual photos

Wednesday, September 13th – Welcome Back BBQ

Monday, September 18th – Kindie students begin full days.  Please send a small pillow for them to use during nap time.

Wednesday, September 20th – Terry Fox Run

We will be learning a little about one of our Canadian heroes, Terry Fox, and will be running a lap around the field in memory of his marathon of hope.  You are welcome to send along a toonie donation towards cancer research.

Friday, September 29th – Orange Shirt Day

Students may wear an orange shirt to school along with jeans or other  casual bottoms.  Our class will be talking briefly about how every child matters and how every child should feel happy and safe at school.

Day 2 Details

Here are a few details to keep in mind for the day ahead:

Wednesday, September 6 (1/2 day)

Please make sure to pack the following items into your child’s backpack:  their home folder, a snack, and a water bottle labelled with your child’s name.

When you arrive have your child hang up their backpack inside their locker.

The classroom door will open at 8:35 am.

Please come in with your child and help them with the following tasks:

  • finding and moving their name on our attendance board
  • finding their table spot
  • putting on their nametag
  • getting started on their table activity

Feel free to take a picture if you’d like, and give your child a big hug, telling them you’ll be back at 12 to pick them up.

Note: There might be some tears.  If this happens with your child don’t feel badly about leaving them.  I will happily console them and have always found that children settle much more quickly once mom or dad has left.

We will soon be playing and having a great time with our new Kindie friends!

At noon please come into the school and stand outside our classroom door.  I will call your child to be dismissed when I see you there.


Our information shows that there are no food allergies in our classroom.  Please let me know if that is not the case.  Otherwise, you are welcome to send food containing nuts.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Morris

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