Last Day Reminders

A couple of quick reminders about our last day of Kindergarten today:

If you can make it, we will have one last Welcome Wednesday this morning.

Your child may wear their knight shirt and casual bottoms today.

See you soon!

Field trip Reminder

Tomorrow is our field trip to Go Bananas. The children may wear play clothes.  Everyone coming will need socks.

Please also send along a lunch and water bottle. We are hoping to be able to go the park for lunch, but this will depend on the weather. Please make sure food does not need to be warmed up.

Bag of Hard Work

This upcoming week your child will be coming home with a bag full of duotangs and other bits and pieces of their Kindie year.  Please take some time in the next few days to sit down with them and let them show you their work.  They should all be very proud of their effort and how much they learned this year!

Note: There will also a Father’s Day present inside the bag!

That said, could you please send a plastic or cloth bag to school with your child early in the coming week?


Year End Thoughts

This time of the year is always so bittersweet for me.  I have grown to love each one of my students and am bursting with pride over how much they’ve grown and learned this year.  They’re ready for the next challenge but I’ll admit it’s sad for me to see them go.  I have loved teaching this class.  They will always have a special place in my heart!

A Couple of Reminders

Please remember to send a baby photo of your child to school today (or very latest on Tuesday)  thanks!


Today is our fieldtrip day!  Please send along a water bottle with your child.  They may wear play clothes.


See you soon!

Butterfly Release

Here are some photos of our butterfly release a few weeks ago.  We said our goodbyes just outside the school garden.  After they were released we said a prayer 🙏. It was amazing to watch their transformation from tiny caterpillar to butterfly.  God is an amazing creator! 🦋

Traffic Report

We’ve been learning about bar graphs in Math.  A couple of weeks ago (sorry to post so late!) we went outside to look at the traffic driving down Chilliwack Central Road.  We were interested to see what colour the vehicles were that drove by.  We recorded our results in a bar graph.  It was so much fun! (Silver won by the way 🙂)