Pumpkin Patch Details

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  I just wanted to clarify a few details about our upcoming field trip to the Greendale Acres on Tuesday.  First of all, please dress your child in play clothes. They will wear these for the entire day.  Also, since we will be going rain or shine please be sure to send along an appropriate jacket and footwear.  Rubber boots are a great choice since it will likely be muddy.  Please also provide a bag (labelled with your child’s name) to carry the pumpkin.  The Kindies will be leaving on the bus by 11:00 and will return to the school by 2:00.  We will eat before and after our fieldtrip.  Looking forward to a fun time!

This and That

  1.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, is our library day.  There will be a library basket outside our classroom door.  Please see that your child puts their library bag (with books inside) into the basket.
  2.   We will be spending one more week on our A verse.  Thanks for reviewing it with your Kindie at home!  I will send the B verse home next Wednesday.


Parking Lot Information

Please ensure that you always follow the procedures for parking lot safety while using the Highroad Academy parking lot.

  1. Follow direction of flow as indicated by the arrows and signage.
  2. Park ONLY in designated parking areas. Do not park in ‘No Parking’ zones including the Drop Off lane on the west side of the building.
  3. Pull into a parking stall when dropping off and picking up students rather than stopping in the driving lane. Do not stop next to the pylons to drop off or pick up your students.
  4. Do not drive alongside the overhang of the main school entrance, north side of the building.
  5. Do not enter through the Chilliwack Central Entrance nest to the playing field. This is a Fire Lane, and the parking area is not available for HRA use.
  6. Always be alert for children who may dart out between cars.

(HRA admin)


This year I am going to be exploring and using an app called Seesaw to share photos of your child’s learning with you.  It is my hope that by the end of September I have it all up and running.  You should be receiving an email from Seesaw that invites you to your child’s journal.  Please accept this invitation when it comes and follow the links accordingly to get signed up.



Your Child’s Teachers

Next week our full day Kindie schedule will begin.  Your child’s week will include visits to the library, gym, and music room.  I wanted to make you aware of some of the special people that will play a role in your child’s days here at school.

Mrs. Noordam is our wonderful classroom helper.  Her job is to support the children who require a bit of additional help as we go through our daily tasks.

Mrs. Shinness teaches the Kindies Music.  On Monday and Tuesday afternoons we will visit her in the Garage, a classroom above the gym.

Mrs. Britz is our library teacher.  Our class will visit her in the library on Wednesday mornings and, for the full time students, on Friday afternoons.

Our class enjoys two PE classes each week (Monday and Wednesday afternoon) with the other Kindergarten class.  Mrs. Larsson and I alternate leading these sessions.

What a wonderful list of caring teachers!  Your child is blessed!

Bible Memory Verses

Tomorrow I will be sending home your child’s first bible memory verse:

A – “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

We will practise this verse together each day at school but ask that you also review this verse with your child throughout the week.  On Wednesday of next week your child will be tested on it.

Please Note: We won’t worry about memorizing the reference (Eg. Romans 3:23), just the verse itself.

It might be a great idea to find a special spot (like a binder or folder) to collect these weekly verses. This is a great opportunity for your child to begin to hide God’s word in their heart!  Thanks for your home support!

Knight Days

Fridays at Highroad are Knight Days.  This means that students may wear a Knight shirt and casual bottoms instead of their uniform if they wish.  Each year the Kindies are gifted  a free Knight shirt.  Please check your child’s backpack tomorrow afternoon!

Since our part time Kindies do not attend on Fridays they will not wear their Knight shirts as often but we will make sure that we have a few special Knight days in the year for them.