Go, Team!

We’ve just finished 3 weeks of full days in Kindergarten!  Yay, us!  The children are certainly settling in.  They are learning so many things, including “expected behaviours” in their school environment.  They are also learning how to deal with the BIG FEELINGS that they sometimes experience when things don’t go their way.

We are having lots of discussions about what we can do to solve problems.  If someone is bothering us, for example, we can  walk away, ignore it, talk about it, or seek help.   It takes time to learn these problem solving skills and we recognize that children will make make mistakes along the way.

As a parent, I’m sure you would like to know if the behaviour becomes a recurring issue or if it is of a more serious nature.  This will give you a chance to talk to your child about their school behaviour at home and will allow us to work as a team.

Since our busy day prevents me from sending home nicely-worded emails, I have come up with a quick little behaviour report that I will be using to keep you aware of any problematic behaviours that arise.

If you see this bright yellow form in your child’s home folder please read it, sign it, and return it to school the following school day.

Thanks so much!
Have a great weekend!