Number Fluency (1-10)

We have been working on our numbers to 10 and should soon be able to recognize them all.  If your child came home with a purple number fluency paper in their folder they need a bit of help to learn some numbers.  I have circled the numbers they are struggling with.  Please take some time each day to review this page.  Point to each of the numbers on the page and have your child tell you what it is.  We want their response to become automatic.  Thanks for your home support.  It is much appreciated!



This week I have an appointment to attend on Tuesday so Mrs. Ellis and I will be doing a switch.  She will be teaching on Tuesday this week and I will be teaching on Thursday.  Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.  Thanks especially to Mrs. Ellis!  I know the part time Kinders will enjoy spending the day with her!

Fall Objects Homework

I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful weekend.  Fall is such a spectacular season.  Our class has been interested in the seasonal changes going on and are going to be investigating the colours of Fall this week.  So, I have a little assignment for you.  Would you help your child choose an object from nature that shows one of the colours of fall.  It could be a red leaf, a brown acorn, a yellow squash, an orange mini pumpkin etc.  You can send as many objects as you’d like.  We will sort our collection of objects on Wednesday afternoon.  Thanks so much for your help with this!  See you tomorrow!

Hot Dogs

Mr Hancock has arranged to have a food truck come to the school on Wednesday, October 28 to feed us a special lunch!  Each child will be offered a hotdog and a bag of chips.  So, all you’ll have to send to school that day is a snack for recess.  Enjoy the easy lunch prep that day!

PS: Remember we will also be dressing in Fall colours that day!

Pumpkins in the Garden

Next Tuesday, October 20th, we, along with the other Kindergarten class, will be taking a “field trip” to the Highroad garden where Mrs. Larsson and I will have set up a pumpkin patch of sorts.

We are inviting students to wear their Knight shirts and casual bottoms and are asking that you ensure they are dressed for the weather (jackets, boots etc).  We are also asking that you send along a plastic grocery bag (doubled up would be great) with your child so they can put their pumpkin inside and take it home.

We are hoping to read a story there and also enjoy a little pre-packaged treat together.  Pray for nice weather!


Picture Day

Just a quick reminder that this Thursday is photo retake day.  If your child is a part time Kindergarten student and did not already have their picture taken please plan to bring them in.  You can check in at the office and they will direct you on where to go.


Go, Team!

We’ve just finished 3 weeks of full days in Kindergarten!  Yay, us!  The children are certainly settling in.  They are learning so many things, including “expected behaviours” in their school environment.  They are also learning how to deal with the BIG FEELINGS that they sometimes experience when things don’t go their way.

We are having lots of discussions about what we can do to solve problems.  If someone is bothering us, for example, we can  walk away, ignore it, talk about it, or seek help.   It takes time to learn these problem solving skills and we recognize that children will make make mistakes along the way.

As a parent, I’m sure you would like to know if the behaviour becomes a recurring issue or if it is of a more serious nature.  This will give you a chance to talk to your child about their school behaviour at home and will allow us to work as a team.

Since our busy day prevents me from sending home nicely-worded emails, I have come up with a quick little behaviour report that I will be using to keep you aware of any problematic behaviours that arise.

If you see this bright yellow form in your child’s home folder please read it, sign it, and return it to school the following school day.

Thanks so much!
Have a great weekend!




We are working on how to behave in a lineup (waiting nicely, walking with our hands at our sides and our eyes to the front with our lips zipped).  This week I introduced our class to a special “secret student” award.  Each day I will choose a secret student and will write their name under a special sign on our whiteboard (so I don’t forget – haha!). Each time we line up for recess, lunch, gym, music, or library I will especially watch my secret student to see if they are behaving as expected.  At the end of the day if they did a good job they will get a secret student tag to bring home.  It’s a big deal! If your child comes home with one of these they definitely earned it!