Second Last Week In Kindergarten

Dear families,

Can you believe that your Kindergartener is just about no Kindergartener anymore as we are heading into our second last week of Kindergarten! 🙂 .

Celebrating the end of the year will be different than some of you, with older siblings, have experienced in the past. Still we want to close this year well and acknowledge and celebrate all the growth that happened. More info on this is coming your way soon. In the meantime, you have time to talk to your child about dressing up as a 100 year old for our very last day of school as it is our 100 day! We all had observed the other Kindergarten class when it was their day, and June 17 will be our turn 🙂 . Kids at home can dress up too of course, and we love to see pictures.

Head circumference: We did talk about measuring things this week, so this fits right in. Please measure your child’s head circumference this week and send your measurement to me. It can be inches or cm. (This is for all ptk kids)

For students who are coming to school, just a reminder to send water bottles as all water fountains are closed.

If you have still library books, you got a separate email from me. Thank you for dropping them off in the school lobby. If books are not found, there is a replacement fee you can ask me about.

Here some pics of kids, happy to see the ‘old’ toys again and our little field trip to the HRA garden. ->There were even great observers with me who saw that there are peas growing in our HRA garden as well! (Home learners, I’m happy to add pictures of you on the blog as well, just email me)