Pumpkin Patch and More

Dear Parents,

There was lots of learning going on this week for the students and for me too :). Maybe your child told you about the job of a leaf?

With our field trip to the pumpkin patch, fall colours day, and parent teacher interviews coming up, I just wanted to give you more information.

Monday Pumpkin Patch Field trip

  • students wear play clothes and boots
  • parents who signed up to join us have two transportation options. Either you ride on the bus with us (without any younger siblings) and meet us at school at 10:30, or meet us right at the farm just before 11 am. Let me know at mellis@highroadacademy.com what you decide. Also please pay for your own admission right at the farm, this will be around $6. I will assign 3 kids to you to keep an eye on and to offer help if needed during the time we are at the farm. Thank you for your help!

Also on Monday please send one or a few fall objects (like pinecones, a beautiful leaf, acorns etc.) along with your child. These will help us in some upcoming activities.

Wednesday Fall Colour Day

On Wednesday, October 30th will be our Fall Colour Day. Students can wear casual bottoms and a fall colour shirt. This will only be for the ptk class. Students who choose not to participate wear their uniforms.

Friday Parent Teacher Interviews

On Friday, Nov. 1st, we are having parent teacher interviews. Thank you if you already signed up. If you have’t had a chance yet, the clip board will be outside the classroom on Monday to sign up in a time slot ranging from 10 am to 4 pm. If these times don’t work for you, please let me know and we can schedule another time that would suit you better.

I added a yellow paper into your child’s folder. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write them down and send it back in the folder or of course send an email to mellis@highroadacademy.com.

High five for reading all the way to the end 🙂

Have a wonderful fall weekend with your families, the weather looks like it will be beautiful.

Mrs. Ellis

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