Get Air Waiver – parents too!

I just received an email from the manager of Get Air Abby to inform me that any parents/adults who will be onsite also need to fill out the waiver.  Please do so if you haven’t already to make things go more smoothly on Monday.

She also included some safety reminders.  we will go over these in class but if you could also stress these at home that would be great!

A couple of important rules for the kids!!

ZERO RUNNING!!! There is no running anywhere in the building. This is highly dangerous and could cause injuries.

No double bouncing – This is when two people are jumping on the same trampoline.  Every trampoline is one jumper at a time. The same goes for the surfboard, fidget ladder and the foam pits.

The Ninja course and basketball is also one at a time.

No food or drinks are allowed on the trampoline deck (this is where the trampolines are). But they are more than welcome to have a snack and drink in the lobby.



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