Farm Kids fieldtrip

We’re all getting pretty excited about our fieldtrip on Thursday.  This program is really aligned with our BC curriculum goals so will tie in very nicely with some of the topics we’ve explored in our Families unit this year.  So, it will be a bit of a drive to get there but we will prepare ourselves with activity booklets and travel game ideas and will embrace the adventure that it will surely be!

We will need to be boarding the bus as close to 9 am as possible.  So, please have your child at school by 8:45 if possible.  We will keep our jackets on and will bring our lunch kits and water bottles into the classroom where Mrs. Morris will collect them in a bin to bring on the bus with us.  Remember to send along easy-to-eat-on-a-bus food items.  Thanks!

The children may wear comfortable play clothes.  Since we may be outdoors for part of the program please send them in appropriate footwear, boots if possible.

If you have any questions feel free to ask or email me at