Dressing for Colder Weather

The weather is definitely getting colder these days!  Thank you for sending your child to school each day with a coat and soon maybe some mitts and a toque.  We do like to get outside for fresh air whenever there’s a break from the rain!  Some parents like to add a layer under the uniform for added warmth.  This is great idea in these colder months.  Please make sure that undershirts are not coloured or patterned.  Basic white works best.


December Dates

Just in case you are looking ahead at December already…here are a few dates to add to the calendar:

December 1 – In class presentation by Chilliwack Museum about how technology has changed over time.

December 1 – Report cards go home

December 7 – Parent/teacher interviews (3:30 – 6:00)

December 16 – K-3 Christmas Programme (9:30 am – 11:00 am)

Salvation Army Food Drive

On November 28th Highroad will begin our annual Salvation Army food drive.  This is a great opportunity for us to connect with our community and support less fortunate families over the holiday season.  Each year we turn our food drive into a competition to see which class, K-3, can bring in the most food.  Each food item received is worth 1 point unless it is on our “top 10” list, then it will be worth 5 points.  Happy giving!

  1. peanut butter
  2. pork and beans
  3. canned lunches (alphagetti, chunky soup)
  4. tomato soup
  5. mushroom soup
  6. tuna
  7. mac and cheese in a box
  8. chicken noodle soup
  9. pasta (noodles)
  10. pasta sauce