June Dates

Wow!  I am still in denial that we are this close to the end of the year!  I’m going to be so sad to say goodbye to this class.  They are such a delight!  It’s been a joy to be their teacher!

Having said that…we do still have a whole month ahead and what a busy and exciting month it is!  Here are some important dates to mark on the calendar:

Wednesday, May 25 – Knight Day: Children may wear their knight shirts and casual bottoms.

Monday, May 30 – Spring Sing Concert (K-12): Please drop your child off in our classroom at 6:40 wearing their knight t shirt and a pair of jeans.  The program will begin at 7 pm.  The Kindies will sit together as a class.  You may pick them up at the end of the concert.

You may have heard that Nate Loewen, one of our highschool teachers (and former HRA student), is moving in a few weeks to Indonesia with his wife (also a former HRA student) and their three children (preschool, Grade 1, and Grade 3) to be missionaries there.  We are planning to take up a love offering during the Spring Sing Concert to bless them and help them with their moving expenses.

Wednesday, June 1 – 100 Day: Please see your child’s planner for information on preparing a 100 day collection and bringing in one food item for our 100 piece snack.

Wednesday, June 8 – Cupcake Sale

We will also be raising money for the Loewen family through a cupcake fundraiser.  The cupcakes will be provided by the parents of the preschool, grade 1 and grade 3 classes.  Each cupcake will be $ 1.  If you would like your child to purchase a cupcake please send a loonie with them to school on that day.

Wednesday, June 15 – Noon Dismissal

Thursday, June 16 – “Moving on Up” grade exchange:  The Kindies will be visiting the grade one class for a fun activity time in the morning. This will help give them an idea of what next year might be like!

Wednesday, June 22 – K-3 Fun Day: noon dismissal.  Stay tuned for more information.

Thursday, June 23 – Kindie Grad (am) and K/1 fieldtrip (pm)



Our Butterfly Release

You may have already heard that today we released our butterflies.  It was pretty special.  We got on our coats after calendar time and walked over to the Highroad garden.  We said our goodbyes and then opened the cage.  You would have thought that those little guys would’ve zipped right out but it actually took a little while for them to realize that they could leave the cage and fly free!  We were a little sad to let them go and I think that they might have been a little sad to leave because they stayed close by for a while, long enough to get some awesome pictures.  I hope you enjoy!













This Week

Our new spelling words for this week will be bag, beg, big, bog, and bug

Our W verse (“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26) will be tested on Wednesday morning.  I had a bright idea over the weekend and decided to post the current memory verse on our class door.  If you have a few minutes before school starts it might be a good idea to quickly review the verse.  This would be especially helpful on Wednesday mornings.

I am looking for some moms (or dads or grandparents) who would be interested in reading with our Kindie children on Thursday afternoons in the last 15-20 minutes of the day.  If you would be interested please email me at dmorris@highroadacademy.com for more information.

We are looking forward to celebrating our grandparents this Wednesday afternoon for Grandparents Day.  If you need any extra invites please let me know.


I just wanted to let you know that Mrs. Brechin will be filling in for me on Thursday.  The kids have earned 20 “warm fuzzies” so there will be a treat (movie) for them in the afternoon.  I’m sure they’ll have fun with her.  See you next week!

Spring Sing

Never Gonna Stop Singing

On Monday evening, May 30th, our class will be presenting two songs in the K-12 Spring Sing event at our school.  Mrs. Mackie is working with the boys and girls to get them ready.  Since time is running short and she only sees our class once a week she has asked me to send parents a link to one of the songs and ask that you would help your child to learn it at home.  You should see the link at the top.  I hope it works!

This Week and More

Caterpillar Update:

I wanted to let you all know that our not-so-little-anymore caterpillars have been named, thanks to our very creative Kindies!  There were lots of suggestions but since we only have 8 caterpillars we took a vote and these were our top choices:

Climby, Cutie, Super Star, Daisy, Golden Sparkles, Ninja, Jesse Flower, and Squishy.

We were very excited today to see that one of our caterpillars (Super Star) has already formed a chrysalis!  It’s so amazing to watch this miraculous transformation take place!  Please feel free to come in and take a peek at our little friends in the next few weeks.

Dress Up Day:

On Wednesday of this week children in the primary grades (K-3) will be dressing up as Super Heroes!  Hopefully, your child has something they can wear in their dress up collection.  If not, don’t stress.  Put them in some play clothes and tie on a simple cape (a dollar store plastic tablecloth cut to size works) and they’ll be good to go!

Grandparents Day:

Grandparents Day is coming up later this month.  Your child will be coming home with an invitation.  If you would like another please see me.  I’ve got extras!  If grandparents are unable to attend a family friend would also be a lovely option.  We are hoping that each child would have at least one guest for this occasion.


If your child wears sandals to school could you please send an extra pair of socks to school to be kept in your child’s locker?  When we change into our gym shoes we need to be wearing socks.  Thanks!