This Week’s Centers


We are using our creativity to make playdough bugs!


We are practicing our spelling words with alphabet beads.


We are rolling a die to see who can build the tallest tower.


We are having some free choice. These boys decided to set up a farm at our rice center.


More buggy fun!


And another awesome bug!

Our Garden is Planted!


Madeline helped us plant our garden. There were already little pea plants growing.


We planted geraniums.


We also planted green beans and carrots.




Mrs. Johnsrude helped us wash our hands then we had a snack.


We had fun planting our garden!

Knight Day – Wednesday

Since the rest of the school will be dressed for Knight Day on Wednesday Mrs. Larrson and I have decided to ask the Kindergarten boys and girls to wear their knight t shirts with jeans for tomorrow’s field trip.  Sorry for the late notice on that one.

May Dates

Here are a few dates for next month that you may wish to mark down on your calendars:

May 4 – Super Hero Dress Up

May 18 – Grandparents Day (more info to follow)

May 25 – Knight Day

May 30 – Spring Sing (more info to follow)

A Busy Week

There’s lots going on this week.  Here are some important details to keep in mind:

  1. You may have heard that our class has some new pets…little baby caterpillars!  The children have been asked to think of a good caterpillar name that they can share with the class.  We hope to have names assigned to our little friends by the end of the week and look forward to watching them turn into beautiful butterflies!
  2. I still need a few permission forms for Wednesday’s field trip to Maan farm.  We will be taking the bus so there should be room for any parents who wish to ride with us.  Please remember the $4 fee for parents, payable at the farm.  We will be wearing play clothes. Please also send a jacket and boots along with your child.  Some parents have indicated to me that they will be joining us.  Thank you!  I will be putting you in charge of a group of children.  Please let me know in advance if something comes up and you are no longer able to come.
  3. Our Spelling words for this week are: ran, run, go, do, and did
  4. We will begin our new memory verse this week: “Unto you, o my strength, will I sing” Pasalm 59:17
  5. Thursday is picture day.  Please send your child in their full dress uniform.  That is Peter Pan blouse for girls with tunic and cardigan and button down Oxford shirt for boys with long pants and cardigan.
  6. When your child finishes their home reading sheet for April please send it back to school for a prize!
  7. I am sending home a few overdue notices from the library.  If you need any clarification please talk to Mrs. Britz.  Her email is

This Week

I hope you had a great weekend and got to enjoy this amazing weather we’ve been having.  I was happy to get out there and get some yard work done.  Somehow, when the lawn is freshly cut it’s easier to face the challenges of a new week 😉

Here we go!

  1. Your child will be tested on their “s” memory verse this week. (Seek The Lord while He may be found.  Isaiah 55:6) and we will begin learning Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in The Lord with all your heart.”
  2. Our spelling words for the week are hat, be, am, is, and bed.
  3. Watch for a green permission slip for our fieldtrip next week coming home in your child’s back and forth folder on Tuesday.
  4. I will be sending home your child’s orange printing duotang.  If they have missed a day there may be a catch up job for them to do.  Please have them finish the page(s) indicated and send the duotang back to school.  If all the pages are complete the duotang can stay home!

Service Day

For service day tomorrow that part time Kindies will be staying on campus so there is no permission form to be signed.  We will be heading over to the Highroad Garden in the afternoon and doing some weeding.  Kindies may wear play clothes.  A hat and some sunscreen would also be a good idea if the afternoon is as hot as today!  If any parents would like to join us we will be heading over just after 2:00.

Home Reading Program

This week in your child’s back and forth folder you will find a reading log for the month of April.  This sheet is to keep track of your child’s daily reading.  Each time your child reads (or is read to) for 10 minutes they can color in one of the pictures.  At the end of the month your child can exchange their fully coloured page for a prize!

April Happenings

Here we are back from Spring Break and in the final stretch of the school year!  There’s a lot happening this month so get your pencil ready and mark these dates on your calendar:

April 5 – Stranger Danger topic in our K-3 Assembly

April 13 – Cowboy Dress Up Day

April 19 – Service Day

April 27 – Knight Day and Fieldtrip to Maan Farm

April 28 – Class Photo

Details will follow where needed.  Stay tuned!

This month we will also be starting a weekly spelling routine.  Don’t worry; there won’t be any tests!  Each week the children will be given a list of 5 spelling words that we will practice in class, learning how to stretch out each word and find the first, middle, and last sounds.  These words will become the base of our sight word collection that we will read to ourselves regularly.  Please continue to work with your child if they don’t yet know most of their single letter phonograms by this point.  It is very exciting to be at this stage where the children can see how they can use their knowledge of individual sounds to make words!

This week’s words are:







Memory Verse:

The children will be tested on their Q verse on Tuesday (Quietly wait for salvation from the Lord – Lamentations 3:26) and will begin the R verse (Rejoice in the Lord always – Psalm 33:1)

Thank you for your continued home support.  Together we make a great team 🙂