Today we did some pumpkin investigations with a special pumpkin. It actually was the pumpkin that my son in grade three picked at the pumpkin patch yesterday. We named it Mr. Tipsy because it does not have a flat bottom so it tips over all the time! (It did, however, meet Ethan’s requirement of being the biggest pumpkin he could find!) First, we measured, with cubes, how tall Mr. Tipsy was (16 cubes) then Mrs. Morris gave groups of kids some yarn which was the same length as Mr. Tipsy’s circumference (yes, we learned that big word today!). We used cubes, dominoes, and link its to measure the length of that string. Finally, we wondered what would happen if we put Mr. Tipsy, the pumpkin, in a tub of water. Would he sink or float? Ten children thought he would sink. Seven thought he would float. Guess what? He floated! We wondered why. Some of us thought he floated because he was big but then we realized that a big rock wouldn’t float so that couldn’t be the reason. Some of us thought he floated because he was light but he actually was pretty heavy. Some of us thought he floated because he was fat. Some of us started to think about the shape of Tipsy being like a boat that floats even though it has lots of people. Some of us thought that maybe he floated because he had air inside. This was such an excellent time of wondering! I asked the boys and girls to see if they could find out the answer. So, be prepared, moms and dads, to do a little googling tonight! I will ask the boys and girls tomorrow what they learned.

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