After School Clubs

On Tuesday, October 6, the primary department will be hosting a Thanksgiving-themed after school club.  It is free and you don’t have to sign your child up.  The part time Kindies who wish to participate will start with me, doing a 20 minute activity in our class.  I will then walk them next door to Mrs. Larrson’s classroom where they will do a 20 minute activity with her.  Finally, they will visit Mrs. Folkert’s classroom and will do a 20 minute activity with her.  She will walk them back to our classroom where you can pick your child up at 4:15.  We will be offering several after school clubs this year and hope to see your child there!

Great Badges

My great badge basket started out as full at the beginning of the year but is now almost empty!  If your child has 10 collected at home it’s time to bring them back for a prize. At the beginning of the day your child can find their envelope in the yellow basket at the front of the classroom (by the big whiteboard) and put their great badges inside.image

They will probably need some parent help with this.  Then the envelope can be placed in the green “In Box” on my desk.  Later in the day I will give them a chance to pick a prize from out prize box!