A Message from Mrs. Shinness (our music teacher)

Hello Parents!


We are looking forward to our spring concert and this year instead of our usual “Spring Showcase” the Kindergarten – Grade 3 classes will be performing “The Music Machine” on Monday, May 13 at 6:30pm.


We are asking that students wear jeans or uniform pants, sneakers, and a short sleeved t-shirt in a solid colour of your choosing, with no printing on the front (shirts may be turned inside out to hide printing if needed).


On February 5th and 7th, the children will be video recording some dialogue with the Conductor, played by Mrs. Shinness in our studio.  We are asking that all students please bring a solid-colour t-shirt with no printing on the front.  They can change into the t-shirt before heading to the studio.


The following classes will be recorded on the following days:

Feb 5th: Kindergarten (Mrs. Morris), Grade 2 (Mrs. Ellis), Grade 3 (Miss Rast) and Grade 3 (Mrs. VanLeeuwen)

Feb 7th:  Kindergarten (Mrs. Larsson), Grade 1 (Mrs. Folkerts), Grade ½ (Miss Evans)


Please make sure your child brings their shirt on the day they will be recorded.


At the bottom of this message is a link to a copy of the entire musical.  We have adapted the dialogue portion for groups of children instead of the Stevie and Nancy characters. Your children will enjoy hearing their music at home, and it will help them prepare for the performance.


We are also in need of assistance from any willing parents who would love to create some props.  We need 2 large snail costumes.  If you would like to help, please contact Alynne Shinness (ashinness@highroadacademy.com) or Angela Kennedy (akennedy@highroadacademy.com)


The Music Machine

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