Short week, Math Mayhem Tuesday night, no memory verse

Happy Valentine’s Day

This week was filled with red, pink, and white.

Our heart art for the wall, “shopping” at our market for craft supplies for the valentine’s bags, our clothes on Wednesday, and our pink drink and friendship mix. Thank you all so much for joining in by sending ingredients along for our valentine’s snack and helping your child with the Write The Room activity first thing in the morning yesterday!

Memory verse

This coming week is short for our class with Monday being Family Day. I did send the new memory verse home but we will actually not focus on this until the following week. With all the activities yesterday the Q verse testing was left out but will be done in the coming week.

Math Mayhem

Tuesday night, Feb 18th, I want to invite you all to come to the Math Mayhem night in the gym from 6:30-8 (come and go at your own leisure). The grade 11 students are producing a smorgasbord of math games and the grade 10 students will be hosting pre-made games. The gym will be set up with many different tables and stations for you and your child to choose and play math related games. It is mayhem but it is fun! 🙂

Thank you

Also I want to thank you and your kids for all the cute and yummy valentine’s cards and treats that I received!

Have a wonderful long weekend enjoying family!


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