This Week’s Details

Just a quick reminder that Tuesday is Crazy Hat Day!  Feel free to be as creative as you want!  We will, however, still be wearing our uniforms.

Remember also (as per email sent by school office) that this Wednesday is a half day for K-12 students.  We will dismiss at noon.


We have now introduced ALL of the single letter phonograms (a-z)!  Yay, us!  We will continue working on these phonograms (learning how to print them correctly and knowing their sounds) in the weeks and months ahead.  Home support is always appreciated and makes such a difference!  If you don’t already own a set of phonogram cards, you can purchase them at the office.  This program is used K-3 at Highroad so they are a good investment.  A good app to download for some extra printing practice is Little Writer – The tracing App for Kids.

Family Theme

During the months of November and December our class will be exploring the topic of “Families”.  We will be looking at the similarities and differences of families, our stories and traditions, and family members’ rights, roles, and responsibilities.  We will also be learning about how family life was different when our grandparents were our age.  Most of all, we will learn how family was God’s design and what a good idea it was!

In the next week or so would you be able to send in a 4×6 photograph of your family that we can keep for the duration of our study?  It will be returned to you when the unit is complete.  Thanks!

There will be some “homework” during this theme.  Please watch for papers in your child’s home folder.  One came home this week. Hopefully, these tasks won’t feel like a huge chore for you but will be a nice opportunity for you and your child to reflect on the special qualities of your family experience.

I would also love to find out if your family speaks any other languages at home so that our class could learn a simple greeting (“hello, how are you?”) in that language. Would you let me know by email ( or by a note in your child’s folder.  Thanks again!