I trust you have all had the opportunity to read through your child’s interim report card.  I am happy to meet with any of you if you have any questions or concerns or you would  like clarification on anything.  I am so pleased with all of the growth that’s taken place since September.  All of our hard work is paying off as these young ones are beginning to emerge as new readers and writers.  It’s so exciting to see!

May Dates

This year is flying by!  Here are some important dates to put in your calendar for the month of May:

May 4- Superhero/ Star Wars Dress Up day

May 18- K-3 Spring Sing Recording (Kindies to dress up in Summer clothes)

May 21- Professional Development Day

May 24- Victoria Day (no school)

Superheroes Dress Up

We are having another dress up day next week on Tuesday.  Since it’s May the 4th, the elementary students are invited to dress up in Star Wars or super heroes costumes.   If your child prefers not to dress up, feel free to send them in their uniform.



Look how much our bean seeds have grown!  God is amazing!  Our little seeds didn’t look like much but look at all the potential it contained!  Btw, these beans will be coming home soon to be planted if you so desire.

Fresh Grade

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting anything on FreshGrade lately.  I have been having difficulties with the app and haven’t been able to upload anything.  But, the good news is that I have finally figured out a solution and have it back up and running.

Feel free to leave a comment when you receive an update.  I love the feedback and it lets me know that you are seeing it!

Flower Shop

I spent some time this weekend switching up the dramatic play Center.  Since we are learning about plants it seemed like a flower shop would be a fun extension of that!   Here is a sneak preview:

I was hoping to find some plastic vases to use in this center but have had no luck.  I’ve seen that coffee creamer bottles make lovely vases when the label is removed.  I was wondering if any of you might have some of those in your recycling that you wouldn’t mind sending to school sometime this week.
Thank you!

Week 2 Spelling Words

This week we have been working on our second set of spelling words:






As we go along these words will become the basis of our reading.  It would be so great if you could copy these words (+ last week’s) onto some index cards and have your child read through them each day.  Each week you can add our 5 new words.  This kind of home support is always so valuable.  Thank you!

This is such an exciting thing.  We are becoming readers!!!!!!