100 Day

I’m sure you’ve heard that our class is celebrating the 100th Day of school on Thursday!  It takes us part timers a lot longer to get to 100 than everybody else so we’re super ready to celebrate!  Your child came home this week with two letters, one asking you to help them create a 100 piece collection and one asking you to bring an item for our 100 piece snack.  Thank you!  If you could have these at school by Wednesday that would help so much with our organization on the big day.

The children are also encouraged to dress up like they are 100 year olds!  Please don’t feel that you need to run to the store to purchase a costume.  Instead, try to find items at home.  Here are a few ideas to get your creativity going:

-grey hair

-hair curlers



-beaded necklace


-bow tie


-grey beard or mustache


-knee highs

Your creativity this year has always blown me away!  I’m sure you’ll all have fun with this one!

We’ll want to capture the memories for sure on this one.  I’ll be taking photos during the day but am looking for someone to stay a few extra minutes at the start of the day to take individual photos of the children in their costumes.  Please email me at dmorris@highroadacademy if you are available. Thanks!


Spring Sing

Mrs. Mackie asked teachers to forward the following information regarding our upcoming Spring Sing concert:

Our annual Spring Sing concert is this Monday, May 29th, at 7 pm.  Students need to be in their classrooms at 6:40 in order to line up and be seated with their classes.  The dress code is black and white or a combination of the two (not grey), with casual bottoms, such as blue jeans.  Any shoe is fine, but please no shorts or short skirts.  I would prefer that the students not have any large logos or characters on their shirts and if you are unsure of what to have them wear, the uniform shirt is a good option.  I would encourage you to come out to this event.  As a mom of two busy kids, I am all too aware that the pressure to keep up with events and activities can be overwhelming, which is why we try our best to keep nighttime events to a minimum.  Your child has worked hard on their music and is looking forward to performing with their class, and we hope that all of our students will be able to attend this event.

Many thanks,

Hannah Mackie


Side Note:

I know that this is a late event for Kindie children.  Thankfully, our class is performing first.  So, if you would like to leave early you can just discreetly sneak over to where we are seated and collect your child.  I’ll totally understand!

Mrs. Morris

Home Reading

On Thursday I sent home a Home Readng sheet in your child’s folder.  Each time you read to your child (or your child reads to you) for 10 minutes have them colour one of the pictures.  At the end of the school year the can return it for a prize!

Spelling Words

Since Spring Break the Kindies have been working on learning spelling words, five each week.  They are learning to say the word and then stretch it out to hear the beginning, middle, and ending sounds.  There are no tests given at the end of the week but we do hope that these words will become the basis of our reading repertoire.  We are taking a little break from the routine this week but next week’s words are: bag, beg, big, bog, and bug.

Here are a some photos of the kids building their words in fun ways during Centers:


Summer Uniform

During the months of April, May, and June (as well as September and October) Highroad students may wear summer uniform pieces.  These include (for K-6) navy shorts (Neat Uniform brand only) and black, white, or brown sandals (must have a back strap). Please make sure there are no additional colours, patterns, lights, or animated pictures.  Socks are optional.  Having said that, it is a good idea to have an extra pair of socks in your child’s backpack for when they change into their gym shoes.

The Big Surprise

Last week we learned a very big word…oviparous!  It is what we call animals that lay eggs.  We also knew that there was a surprise coming to our class on Thursday.  You may have already heard that we are now the proud owners of six cute little caterpillars!  It’s going to be fun to watch them grow and change in the days and weeks ahead.  Feel free to come into the classroom and see them!


June Dates

Here are some dates to put on your calendar for next month…which will be here before we know it!

June 14 – noon dismissal

June 20 – Part Time and Full Time Kindergarten fieldtrip to Go Bananas

June 21 – K-3 Fun Day (noon dismissal)

June 22 – Kindie Grad



Help Needed

On Thursday afternoon I am planning on doing an art project with the children and would love some help.  If you are interested and free between 2:15 and 3:00 please email me at dmorris@highroadacademy.com